Fun Sports To Try in New Zealand

Fun Sports To Try in New Zealand 1

New Zealand is one of the best places on Earth for sports enthusiasts. This small island country is a treasure trove of outdoor adventure and sports.

Sports are also accessible in New Zealand. That plus the low costs of joining matches makes it a sports haven for students.

If you’re studying in New Zealand, you can expect a life filled with endless fun. Kiwis love sports and it’s a great way to build skills and meet friends.

Try out these fun sports while you’re in New Zealand:


Netball is a popular women’s sport in New Zealand. If you’re not too familiar with it, think about basketball but more complex rules.

The goal of opposing teams is to shoot the ball to get a score. Team members must only move within certain points of the court. They can only hold the ball for a maximum of three seconds.


Aside from being a well-loved sport, swimming is also a fantastic exercise. And in New Zealand, there are plenty of wild swimming spots you can visit.

You can plunge into the hot pools of Kerosene Creek. You can also take a dip into Wishbone Falls in Mount Aspiring.

Rugby Union

Rugby is a popular sport among men and women in New Zealand. In fact, it’s so popular that it feels like a religion among New Zealanders.

Kiwis play two types of Rugby: Rugby Union and Rugby League. Rugby Union is the more universal version, which is similar to American football.  


Cricket is another fun sport you can try especially during the summer season. This sport is more than just a bat and ball game as the rules can be confusing to most.

Players compete in a game called test match cricket. This match spans five days with four innings. 

Cricket is very similar to baseball where players have to hit a ball and score runs. If you want to get into cricket, start by watching matches first to get familiar.

Rugby League

Rugby league is the kind of sport that would test your endurance and strength to its limits. Considered the most physically challenging sports in the world, the rugby league is not a game for the faint-hearted.

Compared to the rugby union, the rugby league is much faster. You can either carry or kick the ball to score what they call “tries”.¬†


Football is a global phenomenon in sports. Thousands of football fans gather each time there’s a major match.

New Zealand Football is the governing body for this sport in New Zealand. It’s also a founding member of the Oceania Football Federation (OFC).


Everybody loves basketball and the Kiwis are no different. It’s a fun sport that anyone can try, even at school.

Basketball is a famous game in New Zealand (though not as popular as rugby). It’s a great sport that fosters agility and speed.¬†

There are many fun sports you can try in New Zealand. To find more content like this, dive into our blogs here at MSM Unify.


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