Exploring College Organizations That Might Interest You

Exploring College Organizations That Might Interest You

Take a good look at the clubs and organizations in your university. A list of this is often given in orientations and fairs during the first week of school. You might be surprised by all the organizations that are just waiting for you to find them. Here are some college organizations that you might want to get into:

Academic organizations

Every school has academic clubs that foster students’ passion for a certain subject. Academic clubs hold study groups that help students with research and exploring more about the area of study. One beauty of college is getting to know like-minded people that soon become long-lasting friends. Joining such clubs is a great feat as this looks good in a resum√©, showing your dedication towards learning.

Greek life

Fraternities and sororities are a big part of colleges historically. If you are interested in being a part of a frat, think wisely. These groups assure that you have a brother or sister inside the campus that will be beneficial for your growth as a person. Ensure that the Greek club you will be joining has a decent reputation and does charity work on the side, not just pure fun.


Another opportunity to be involved are sports teams that build key skills in teamwork, camaraderie, as well as boost chances for special scholarships. However, being on a varsity team can split your priorities into two. So, make sure that you manage your priorities well. Also, make the most out of your school’s facilities like the pool, gym, and recreation center. You can use its amenities for exercising and working out in your free time. Studying can be tiring and what you can do to retain your memory is by sleeping properly, eating healthily, alongside exercising regularly.

Performing arts

If you have a talent for performing, try to join performance groups that can be an outlet for your hobbies and talents. Whether you’re a dancer, singer, musician, or actor, do not be shy in trying out for auditions. These clubs give aspiring artists the chance to showcase what they are best at. This is one good way of making your college life extra special.

Campus media

Your university’s campus paper, college radio, or college TV station can be your chance to share your communication skills. Write an article or two about something that inspires you or shows off your hosting prowess. This is a great experiential opportunity that is impressive on your resum√©.¬†

Special-interest groups

Schools have their student government, debate teams, and cultural clubs available for those interested. If you are a born leader, make a campaign for everyone to vote for you. If you are an articulate speaker, try the debate team. Take pride in making your school proud when you represent the school in off-campus competitions.

College is the time to be yourself. Know more about what you should prepare and what you will encounter in college by reading our articles here at MSM Unify.


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