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Effective Study Break Ideas for Students

Effective Study Break Ideas for Students

Some studies have shown that study breaks are beneficial in retaining information. Although it is a type of relaxation, it can also be productive.

These breaks positively affect one’s attention skills. It will enhance your attention and focus. Breaks every 90 minutes or so is already a big help.

So, do the right activity for you that will re-energize your brain. Listed are some healthy and effective activities that you can do during breaks.

Take a Walk

Walking, may it be a simple, short walk, is always a good idea. It helps you get some fresh air while keeping your blood flow in your body. An exercise such as walking can help improve your physical and mental well-being.


Studying for hours may leave your body tense or staying in the same position. Find some time to stretch and shake your body to divert the tension in your body.

Tidy Up

An untidy room is only additional stress. Consider cleaning your room during your study break. This does not only clean your room but relaxes your mind. However, this should not be a means of procrastination.

Call a Friend

Having someone to talk to makes you feel you’re not alone. When you have turned into zombie mode for a long time and are unable to reach out to friends, consider catching up with them. It takes your mind off your studies even just for some time.

Take a Shower

Everyone feels refreshed after getting a shower. A quick shower, five or ten minutes will do, will help your body and mind be revitalized.

Run an Errand

Doing a quick errand is hitting two birds in one stone. When you notice that your mind is torn between studies and your to-do list, running an errand will let you take a break and check something off your to-do list. It provides a sense of productivity especially in hard times at school.

Cook a Healthy Meal

Studying may leave you hungry. What you have to do is take a short break and allot it to cooking something healthy. Reward yourself by eating a nutritious meal that your body and mind will benefit from.


Take a couple of minutes to meditate in a quiet and calm room. Do some breathing exercises to help your mind be invigorated so that it can easily absorb information.

Do artistic stuff

Activities like coloring, drawing, or dancing can boost your energy. It helps you clear your mind and improve your mood.

Take note that these methods work for different people. Find the study break activity that is effective for you. It is also important to take a timer for breaks not to turn it into procrastinating.

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