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Dorm Tips for Saving Money and Space

Dorm Tips for Saving Money and Space
  1. Multiuse furniture

One good way to maximize your space is by finding furniture that can multitask. This way, you can save a lot of space and money as it can be used for multiple purposes and not just one. You don’t need to buy furniture that the multi-use one is capable of. For instance, you can opt to use a nightstand that also functions as a bookcase, a sofa bed that you can fold up to save on floor space, or a storage bench you can put things in.

  1. Closet space

While dorm closets are not that much spacious, you can find ways to make some more space. The best part here is that it is simpler and cheaper than you imagine. An extra hanging rod costs only a couple of bucks and can double your closet space. Fold your clothes as this takes up less space than hanging them. Hanging shelves and shoe racks are also great inside your closet. Search space hacks on the Internet that you can use.

  1. Under-the-bed space

Your dorm floor can be used in a lot of ways, specifically that unused space under your bed. This is a hidden floor space perfect for large totes and bed risers. It is handy to maximize storage when you have winter clothes with you. Store these winter gears in a safe place so that you won’t have to spend money later.

  1. Hang

Vertical spaces should also be maximized. Use cheap adhesive wall hooks to make more space for you. Hang those that can be hung, especially light storage stuff. You can even opt to hang lights instead of standing lamps to save some space.

  1. Portable furniture

Invest in portable or collapsible furniture. This is a great way to save space that makes things much easier to move around when needed. Think of buying a small bean bag chair or those portable ones that make extra seating in your room.

  1. DIY

College is a great opportunity to repurpose things to stay within your budget. So, do-it-yourself anything. Some cute craft ideas are ideal for organizing your stuff. Old boxes can be used for extra storage. Plastic or glass bottles can be used to put coins. Be creative in reusing items and make that thing worthwhile the second time.

  1. Binder clips

Did you know that you can use binder clips to keep your cords in good shape? Buy these cheap tools that will surprise you for their use. Take care of your gadgets by using binder clips for the cords. We can all relate to this as cords can easily get damaged and tangled. Using these clips can keep your cords organized and off the crowded floor, lessening the chance of being replaced multiple times.

Keep the clutter out of your space with these steps. Learn more dorm tips by reading through our articles here at MSM Unify.


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