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Debunking Common Myths about Education Agents

Debunking Common Myths about Education Agents

Debunking Common Myths about Education Agents

Studying abroad requires years of planning but for some, it can also be a spur of the moment. To study abroad, you must be ready to exert time, effort, and money.

For you to lessen the burden of all these, one great way is to get an education agent. They will help you with answering your questions, suggesting the best universities, and even with your application.

While there might be mixed reviews and stereotypes about these education agents, we have gathered a list to debunk the common myths about them:

Expensive consultation

One main factor why students use an agent is because it’s free, whether you believe it or not. Their service comes without charge excluding some expenses about visas. Don’t worry, there are no hidden charges so you don’t have to carry money if you are meeting with them. It will all be free of charge until the end of the process.

They will choose your universities for you

If you think that they are biased to the universities that they represent, you’re wrong. Education agents have no influence on your university choices. They will only encourage you to list those schools you want to apply to, then suggest the best universities in your preferred field of study. Moreover, they will guide you in laying out some options for student lodging.

They are inauthentic

Some say that education agents are not credible or their authenticity is affected by fear of fraudulent practices. But it’s only a reasonable concern.

Of course, you can look for registered and qualified agents or those that are recommended by your family or friends. Make sure to pick an agent who is trustworthy and has a good reputation. This way, you won’t need to worry if they will land you into a college that fits you.

Varying quality of consultation

Others may think that the quality of consultation varies depending on the country you are located in. But fret not, it does not.

Agencies have certainly trained education agents with years of professional experience in this field. Their specialized knowledge across the wide range of study destinations has bolstered the education discipline.

They only make the process harder

Different from what you may think of, agents make life easier. They list down documents for you to prepare it afterward. They offer expert advice on issues that you might encounter soon. Everything becomes easier, you just have to provide documents that they ask and they will help you process them out.

They only give service to make commissions from high-paying schools

If this is true, then students would’ve been persuaded to change their mind about their school of choice. But they are not.

Agents provide alternative ways if problems arise. They give help and assistance when applications are returned with a discouraging response. They are that hardworking that you won’t believe they only do this because they are driven by profit.

Application processes in schools and visas can be arduous. Sometimes, you need assistance in doing such complicated tasks. Using the services of an education agent lessens unnecessary stress during this phase. Increase your success rate with the help of them.

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