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Cost of Living in St. Petersburg: A Guide for International Students

Cost of Living in St. Petersburg A Guide for International Students 1

As per the 2022 QS Best Student Cities list, St. Petersburg is the 14th most affordable city in the world. It is also the second most desirable city in Russia, next to its famed capital, Moscow.

Knowing the cost of living in St. Petersburg is important if you want to pursue your education in this city. You’ll also need a guide to some common expenses both for your daily necessities and study materials.

Note that the prices we stated were based on an exchange rate where 1 руб (Russian ruble) = US $0.014. Feel free to make your own conversions if you want to find the exact costs by the time you read this.

Cost of Meals and Dining Out

Depending on your needs, you’ll need around $150 to $300 to cover your meals for a month. Of course, if you’re in a fully catered student hall, the rent you’ll pay every month already includes a meal plan.

If you want to dine out, a meal at a mid-range restaurant usually costs $7.91 to $34.41. In business districts, a simple brunch will cost you around $4.90, while meals at fast-food chains can start at $3.99.

See the table below to see the average costs of common household ingredients in St. Petersburg:

Item Average Cost
A dozen of eggs $1.35
1.5 liter of water $0.56
A loaf of white bread $0.75
1lb. of chicken breast $2.12
1kg of chicken fillet $3.93 
1kg of tomatoes $2.12
1kg of rice $1.16
1kg of potatoes $0.59

Cost of Student Accommodation

The rent you’ll pay depends on the type of accommodation you get and your location. Naturally, the cheapest accommodation option is on-campus housing, but off-campus lodging is relatively affordable too.

To give you a quick idea, you can rent an apartment within or outside the city center. You also have the option to share the space with roommates so you can split the bills.

Type of Apartment Estimated Rent Per Month
1-bedroom apartment in the city center $549
3-bedroom apartment in the city center $1,069
1-bedroom apartment outside of city center $350
3-bedroom apartment outside of city center $661

Apart from your rent, you’ll also have to consider your utility bills. To cover gas, electricity, water, and waste, you’ll need around $115.

Cost of Transportation and Leisure

A monthly pass to use public transportation will cost you $41.49. This is already a good deal if you’ll be traveling frequently every day.

But if you’ll only be traveling once in a while (especially if you’re in an on-campus accommodation), a single ticket is better for you. It only costs $0.76 for a one-way ticket in St. Petersburg. 

If you want to subscribe to a fitness club, prepare for about $29.65 per month. If you’re a movie lover, a standard cinema ticket will cost you $5.23.

Knowing the cost of living in St. Petersburg will help you prepare your funds as an international student. If you’re still curious about these matters, you can check out our other articles here at MSM Unify to learn more.


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