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Best Public Universities in the US for Journalism

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The University of Missouri (Missouri School of Journalism)

A land-grant research university in Columbia, the University of Missouri offers a diverse array of journalism and communications programs. In its school of journalism, the university ensures its students learn deeper about their degrees. The university ranks in the top 1% for journalism schools in America. It has produced highly renowned journalists, some of them include John Anderson, Gerald Boyd, and Nick Young.

Although it is a relatively small school with only more than 2,200 students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, the chances of getting in is not low. Interested applicants can count on the school’s 77% acceptance rate. Also considered one of the world’s oldest schools, which was established in 1839, the institution takes pride in its inclusion to welcome everyone regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

The University of Georgia (Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication)

A school much older as it was founded in 1785, the University of Georgia is also one of the oldest public universities in the US. Hosting 38,000 students, the university is a very large public school located in Athens, Georgia. The UGA also belongs to the top three schools for journalism study.

A number of 150 undergraduate students finish their program in either of the school’s two journalism programs. What’s impressive is that about 91% of these graduates are immediately employed within six months of graduation. The College of Journalism aims to support every student’s choices in achieving their goals.

Arizona State University

Arizona State U is known for its Phoenix metropolitan location near the Grand Canyon. This university’s journalism program has already won several awards for being one of America’s best schools for journalism. Through their top-notch programs, you can be awarded a certification, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral qualification. A lot of popular journalists have taught and helped students in this school to learn the best in journalism. A whopping 85% of the graduates are hired or given offers from positions such as a news anchor, producer, copy editor, and more.

Georgia State University

If you want to study journalism in a big city, Georgia State University may be the right choice for you. Located in Atlanta, this public research university is ranked third among the best schools in the state and considered one of the best schools to study journalism.

Its journalism program is one of the most popular among students. The university is a safe space for everyone as it has a diverse mix of races and genders coexisting together.

It may seem an easy course but journalism can be tough and stressful. These four public universities offer one of the best journalism programs in the US. Make sure to check them out and include them in your study options.

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