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Best Libraries in Barcelona for International Students

Best Libraries in Barcelona for International Students

Best Libraries in Barcelona for International Students

Barcelona’s spellbound beauty continues to attract many international students around the world. With world-class universities and spectacular attractions, studying here becomes the ultimate experience.

Of course, a great experience won’t be complete without a bit of discovery. That’s why we curated this list of the best libraries in Barcelona so you’ll know where to go for a great read.

Each library offers a unique twist to bring the library culture in Barcelona back to life. So, take some time off to see  these beautiful libraries for yourself:

Jaume Fuster Library

If modernity and the arts are more of your thing, a trip to the Jaume Fuster Library will delight you. This library bears the design of architect  Josep Llinàs where reading meets innovation in a big space.

Apart from its beautiful designs, the library is also home to some notable art pieces. Here you’ll find some of the artworks of Antoni Julià Library. 

The emblematic slopes of the library’s roof are truly a sight to behold. With complementing hues of green and orange, the result is a library worthy of a million shots.

Sagrada Familia Library

The Sagrada Familia Library is a four-story tall building that houses over 85,000 books in its collection. With that many volumes to choose from, perusing this library is a dream come true for any bookworm.

Apart from its collection, its architecture also stands out with a modern yet more modest approach. Stripped off of any elaborate engineering designs, the library has a solid sleek look on its facade.

What’s worth noting in this library is that it holds various events for people to enjoy. You can come here for cultural events like art exhibits to see beautiful art pieces.

Library of Catalonia

If you want a library trip that takes you back in time, see the  Library of Catalonia. This majestic library remains an icon of 15th-century architecture without losing its modern appeal.

With over 3.7 million books in its collection, a day won’t be enough to run through its available titles. But perhaps you’ll be here just to look at the building itself, which is simply a wonderful experience too.

Come inside this library and you’ll be welcomed by the enormous high ceilings that allow natural light in. Just sit in, pick a book, and relax in the almost echoing quiet.

UPF Library

The library at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra has a unique story that will have you raving about it. Bearing its Spanish name El Diposit de les Aiguas, the library used to be a water reservoir building transformed into a library.

During construction, the main challenge was to integrate the standards function of a library into the main structure. Today, it’s successful in preserving the historical facets of the building. 

The best libraries in Barcelona are the perfect spots for international students to learn more about Spain. Read more student attractions in Spain here at MSM Unify.


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