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A Guide to Student Visa in Spain

A Guide to Student Visa in Spain

A Guide to Student Visa in Spain

International students must get a student visa to enter and pursue studies in Spain. However, the process can be daunting and confusing for others, leaving them clueless in this matter.

If you have dreams of studying in Spain, you’re in the right place. Here’s a short guide to student visas in Spain and how you can get one:

Who Needs a Student Visa in Spain?

Conditions for obtaining a student visa vary depending on the student’s citizenship. Non-EU/EEA students must get a student visa for academic studies, training, or research.

Foreign students who are from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland don’t need a student visa. They must only apply for a residence card upon arrival in Spain.

Students who are citizens of the United States also don’t need a student visa. However, if they will study in Spain for more than three months, they must get one. 

Different Types of Student Visas in Spain

There are three types of student visas you can apply for. These student visas vary depending on your intended stay in Spain.

  • Schengen Visa – Non-EU/EEA students must get this visa if their course runs for less than three months.
  • Short-Term Student Visa – This visa is for students taking a short course that will take three to six months to complete. Note that this visa is not subject to extension. 
  • Long-Term Student Visa – This visa is for students pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Within the first month of arriving in Spain, a student who holds this visa must also apply for a residence card.

General Student Visa Requirements

Student visa requirements vary depending on your home country. Consult with the Spanish Embassy or Consulate nearest to you to determine specific requirements.

In general. you need the following documents to apply for a student visa:

  • Two student visa application forms
  • Passport valid until the end of your intended stay
  • Valid IDs (National ID, driver’s license, etc.)
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Letter of acceptance/admission from the university
  • Health insurance (minimum coverage of €30,000)
  • Proof of adequate financial support. May include the following:
    • A notarized letter from the parent/s or guardian assuming financial responsibility for your studies
    • Bank statements
    • Proof of scholarship and/or any kind of financial assistance

How to Get a Student Visa in Spain

If you’re inside Spain, you must request authorization from a Government Delegation. This authorization permits you to stay in Spain to pursue your studies. Note that you must request authorization in the province you’ll study in.

If you’re outside Spain, follow the steps below to apply for a student visa:

  1. Receive your letter of acceptance/admission from a Spanish university
  2. Check out document requirements from the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your country
  3. Schedule an appointment with the Embassy or Consulate (not necessary for all cases)
  4. Wait for the visa application processing for about one to two months

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