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A Guide to Humanities and the Arts in Spain

A Guide to Humanities and the Arts in Spain

A Guide to Humanities and the Arts in Spain

Humanities and the Arts refers to the knowledge and subjects about humans and their culture. It is also related to the appreciation of human values and experiences and how humans express them. 

As a whole, humanities may include the study of art, language, literature, history, religion, communication, music, culture, and philosophy. Humanities and the Arts covers a broad range of disciplines in the academe, opening a lot of job opportunities to its graduates. 

Why Study Humanities and Arts in Spain? 

Generally, humanities and the arts are leading factors in all human cultures from different eras. Studying Humanities and the Arts may help to facilitate a better intercultural understanding of the world.

When it comes to Humanities and the Arts, Spain is a popular choice for many international students. Spain has a rich culture and history, due to its big involvement in shaping the world’s history. In addition, it is home to great infrastructures, historical places, and world-famous artists such as Picasso and Salvador Dali. 

Humanities and Arts Programs in Spain

Ph.D. in Art History and Musicology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

This Ph.D. program aims to train professionals in improving their research competencies through conducting rigorous field research. In addition, it uses a training model that focuses on common research lines, important in furthering interdisciplinary subjects in Art History and Musicology. Moreover, students will have access to the lecturers and researchers of other European institutions, museums, and music institutes. 

Double Bachelor’s Degree, Humanities and Cultural Studies, plus Journalism, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

This double degree program can be taken in four to five years, and since it’s a double degree, it helps increase a student’s chance of getting into more industries and job roles. 

Moreover, it aims to instill in its students the value of humanistic education with the descriptive, communication capacity, and ethics of journalism. The skills one may get from this program are high in demand in the various communication industries. 

International Semester in Humanities, Universidad de Valladolid

This is a one-semester program (30 ECTS credits), that students can take in English. The program aims to increase student’s cultural competencies through cross-cultural training in humanities. Moreover, the program can also be used to complement other academic offerings in the Universidad de Valladolid. 

Common Subjects and Coursework

Some of the most common subjects and coursework one may take during a Humanities and the Arts degree program include research writing, and study subjects in history, art, literature, languages, and so on. Also, depending on their specialization or program, some may also take on the theoretical and practical application of their chosen subjects or programs. 

General Admission Requirement

Many institutions in Spain teach in Spanish, although the number of institutions teaching in English is also increasing. Thus, some programs may require knowledge and fluency in these languages. Aside from that, depending on the needs of a program, students may also be asked to have an undergraduate or graduate degree. Moreover, for an undergraduate degree, students are only required to have a high school diploma. 

Career Prospects for a Humanities and the Arts Degree

Humanities and the Arts as a discipline covers a broad area of opportunities, thus graduates gain a wide range of skills they can use to have a successful career in various industries. For example, graduates may build a career in public administration and civil service, work in films and theaters, advertising, journalism, business, human resources, and the academe. A degree in the arts may also help them get a job role in museums and cultural institutions. 

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