A Guide to Health Care in the UAE for International Students

A Guide to Health Care in the UAE for International Students e1645075673789

If you are planning to study in the UAE, it is important to know the importance of having health insurance so you can peacefully study in the country. 

In this guide to healthcare in the UAE, we will be discussing the country’s healthcare system and health insurance for international students. 

Overview of UAE’s Health Care

The UAE, aside from being known for its riches, oil reserves, and the highest building in the world (the Burj Khalifa), is also known for its efficient and accessible healthcare system. In fact, in 2019, the country was ranked in the top 10 most efficient healthcare systems in the world. 

Also, in the past decade, medical tourism has become prominent in the country.  

Some of the qualities that make the healthcare system in the UAE top-notch are due to its use of innovative technology, the best medical practitioners, highly developed health infrastructure, and short waiting time (especially in private hospitals).

Moreover, the UAE’s public healthcare is comprehensive and mostly state-funded. In addition, in recent years, its private health sector is also rapidly developing, ensuring a higher standard of public healthcare. This rapid development is due to the country’s modernization efforts and the increased contribution of important public-private partnerships (PPP). 

Why Getting A Health Insurance in the UAE is Important

Getting your own health insurance is mandatory in the UAE, and you are likely to get fined if you cannot show proof of it. For example, in Abu Dhabi, people without health insurance may have to pay around AED 300 per month. Moreover, as an international student, it will likely affect your stay there because the UAE government won’t renew your study visa without health insurance. 

Aside from the legal repercussions of not having health insurance, it is also important to know that healthcare in the UAE is expensive. Thus, having health insurance covers you in case you need medical treatment, hospitalization, check-up, or in case of an accident, and you won’t have to worry about how to pay your medical expenses. 

Types of Health Insurance in the UAE (And How Much They Cost) 

There are various types of health insurance in the UAE and they are fairly standard. Below are the most common ones. 

  • Individual plan – Mainly for a single person; this plan offers a comprehensive UAE medical insurance.
  • Family plan – In case you traveled to the UAE and stayed there with your family, this plan can provide discounted family health insurance.
  • Group plan – Usually given to a group and offers significant discounts and extended benefits. A group plan usually requires 20 members.
  • Traveler plan – Mostly used by individuals or even groups who travel to the UAE frequently, or only staying in the country for a short time, such as students on a short-term study program. Traveler plans offer plan flexibility that people can tailor depending on their itinerary while in the UAE. 

The average cost of comprehensive health insurance in the UAE may cost between AED 5,500 per year, to AED 33,500.

Aside from knowing about healthcare in the UAE, learn more information about the country that can help you as a student. To start, check out our article on What Clothes Will You Need To Study in the UAE?


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