A Book Lover’s Guide: Top 3 Libraries in Malaysia

A Book Lovers Guide Top 3 Libraries in Malaysia 1

When talking about libraries, most people have this image of a big hall with lots of bookshelves and stacks of tomes. Usually, there’s a librarian that will shush you if you make even the slightest sound or disturbance. 

Thus, libraries always have this image of something boring, overwhelming even. However, in recent times, many libraries have evolved to be more engaging, and some have even become book cafes. 

There are many interesting libraries in Malaysia that even non-book lovers might want to visit during their free time. 

Read below to know the top three libraries in Malaysia you should check out. 

Raja Tun Uda Library in Shah Alam

This is one of Malaysia’s most modern libraries and has six floors you can explore. The library boasts a huge and comprehensive collection of books for children and adults. In addition, it has its own 3D theatre, an open-air cafe where you can eat during your reading break, virtual reality rooms, a creative zone, and even a gymnasium. 

The park is also surrounded by nature. In fact, when you look outside of the building, you can see lots of trees and a lake surrounding it. After reading the books and doing other activities inside the library, you can take a stroll outside and learn about the trees and the plants surrounding the building (there are informational plaques for each type of plant or tree). 

In case you want to read its books outside of the library, the library also delivers books to its members. 

L45 Kurau Community Library in Bangsar

Hidden in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, at a residential suburb is the L45 Kurau Community Library. Housing tens of thousands of books, the library can host around 18 people in one go. However, those who cannot enjoy the books inside the building can still enjoy reading them on the benches around the place. Patrons love the library’s calm and comfortable atmosphere. 

If you are planning to visit this library, you might be surprised as from the outside, it just looks like a modern house. This library can be found at a building that is also used for student housing. Students staying in this place go through a separate entrance, while the library, which is a public place, can be accessed through another door. This library, according to the Malay Mail, is the brainchild of a person who wants to remain anonymous. This person also funded the place’s construction. 

Sabah State Library in Sabah

The Sabah State Library has six floors and has 62,000 square feet of space. 

Unlike most libraries where they only have books and cater specifically to either adults or children. This library caters to everyone and aside from books, there are many activities you can go to. Thus, families can go here together and enjoy the books and other attractions together.  With a marine wildlife theme, the first floor is designed specifically for children. However, adults can also enjoy them. Aside from that, there’s a jamming studio that is open to the public. 

To visit the many libraries in Malaysia, first, you must know how to go around the country and its cities. To learn more about the country’s transportation system, check out MSM Unify’s article on Guide to Transportation in Malaysia. 


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