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6 College Application Tips That You Must Know

6 College Application Tips That You Must Know

A Quick Guide to College Application in Germany

The first step into achieving your dreams is by getting an education in a school. But it takes a lot of process before getting in. We have listed some tips and techniques on how your college application will land you into your chosen school.

Apply early

Applying to more than one college may seem tiring, with different dates to remember for application deadlines. Jot them down to not mix them up.

Also, remember that the admissions body receives thousands of applications and you certainly do not want your application to be received at the last minute. Submit yours early and beat the deadline.

Do not miss a thing

When filling in your college application, make sure to check every section if you miss anything. Take your time in putting the asked information about you. An incomplete application may give an impression that you are not a serious or qualified candidate.

Include your extracurriculars

The things you do in your free time can contribute a lot to your college application.  Admissions officers look for students who are well-rounded, flexible, and motivated. If you are a president of a club or a football team captain, write it down. This will impress the college you’re applying to as you have maintained good grades and extracurricular activities at the same time.

Be honest

Simply do not lie about what you write in your college applications. As they say, the truth always comes out in the end. Impressing your admissions panel on big achievements that are false is a no-no. They will soon know the truth and will only hurt you when the time comes.

Moreover, it is also dishonest to let your parents complete your application. Of course, it is okay to ask opinions on things included in the application but having them fill out your application or write your essay is considered cheating.

Do not forget important documents

It is best to list down all the necessary documents so that you will not forget them along with your application. Do not forget your SAT/ACT scores, transcript of grades, and letters of recommendation. Also, take your admissions tests early to avoid problems.

Write your best essay

To write a well-written essay, you must know what you want to write about. The narrative is key. Avoid clichés and redundant filler phrases. Be cohesive, clear, and concise. Focus on your point and don’t stray far from what you want to put on paper. Admissions panels are more impressed by articulate and authentic essays than those with big words that do not sound like it is written by the applicant, which makes it seem like trying too hard.

College applications are crucial as they may get you into your dream school or not. But fret not because these tips will surely increase your chances of getting in.

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