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5 Ways to Become a Better Art Student

5 Ways to Become a Better Art Student

5 Ways to Become a Better Art Student
Pasted Image 0Art students often come off as introverted, creative students. And they are not usually loud in expressing their opinions. But what you should know is not all art students are the same.

With the heavy projects and assignments assigned to art students, it is so easy to be overwhelmed and exhausted with all of it.

When a student of the arts sincerely wants to study and improve as an artist, there are a few things that can help:

Practice self-discipline by drawing or painting every day.

There are many distractions to keep an eye out for when you’re younger, and many obligations when you’re older. You must set aside time to work daily.

Some artists are fortunate enough to make a living from their art, while others work unrecognized. In any case, you will always be a creative person and an artist. Take the time to be yourself. An artist’s sketchbook is their lifeline. It’s small and convenient for making quick notes. It helps you stay inspired by keeping your hand moving, your eyes attentive, and your mind busy.

You will learn more quickly if you don’t have an ego.

Your inner voice is something that you shouldn’t listen to at times, but rather not pay attention to them by letting those thoughts go sliding through your head. When you are confronted with something you are not used to, or even with something you believe is beneath you, those “inner voices” are the thoughts that immediately start to form arguments. 

It’s ultimately up to you to decide what to do with that new information, but being humble enough to listen all the way through could take you down a new path of discovery. Allow yourself to be taught by learning to listen.

Surround yourself with art and artists who inspire you.

“Find the artists who are on your wavelength and keep adding to that list,” Irwin Greenberg once said. Learn from the masters, from living artists, whether it’s someone you’ll never see in person or a close friend who is an artist. Museums and galleries should be visited. Purchase books and publications, and enroll in classes.

Take advantage of every opportunity to work with nature.

Working from your imagination isn’t bad, but what you experience in the real world feeds your imagination. You’ll be reaching the same knowledge over and over if you solely work from your imagination. Life will continue to teach you new things. So, take advantage of it!

Don’t hesitate to take a step back in order to make your next step forward.

There is always more to learn, whether it’s drawing from casts, working from life, or reconsidering how you work. Consider what you might have overlooked. No educator can teach you everything; at best, they can guide you down a road of continuous improvement. Don’t be scared to try something old that may be unfamiliar to you.

No matter your age or talent, embrace the life of a student and you will improve as an artist. Best wishes on your exciting art journey.

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