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5 Must-See Libraries in Germany for International Students

5 Must-See Libraries in Germany for International Students

5 Must-See Libraries in Germany for International Students

Visiting libraries in Germany is a great pastime for international students. Perusing thousands of books alone can be a relaxing experience. With the outstanding architecture in most libraries, each trip is a memorable one.

German libraries offer a sprawling collection of books dating years back. These places served as vaults of valuable books throughout history. Today, these are also places where friends can meet, study, or simply spend a day.

If you want to visit German libraries, there are plenty that you can see. Start with these five libraries to dip your toes in the vast expanse of knowledge:

Stuttgart City Library (Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart)

The Stuttgart City Library is a feat of modern design in German libraries. It boasts the “Heart,” a cavernous white center, highlighting the library’s cuboid design. 

Earning the title “Library of the Year” in 2013, the Stuttgart City Library is a must-see. There you’ll find awesome features such as an animation library and a charity-run cafe.

Library of Maria Laach Abbey

The library of Maria Laach Abbey is both a symbol of a library design marvel and a piece of history. Founded in 1093, the library endured years through preservation, even surviving an abolishment in 1802. 

The library’s warm colors are the perfect backdrop for a relaxing read. Its almost endless curved balustrades are a sight to behold.

Library of Cottbus at the Brandenburg University of Technology

The Cottbus Library boasts cutting-edge architecture with literally no edges! The library forms an interesting shape without any corners or edges. Truly a library worthy of the 2006 Library of the Year Award!

If that’s not enough to make your jaw drop, the entire library is also made out of glass. Inside, colorful walls and staircases emphasize the beauty of its interior.

Metten Abbey (Benediktinerabtei Metten Bibliothek)

Situated between the Bavarian Forest and the Danube, Metten Abbey is embraced in phantasmal beauty. Its dreamy location is just one of its defining features. Inside the library lies a design pulled straight out of heaven.

The library is every book lover’s dream come true with over 35,000 volumes of books. You can indulge in its stucco decor and baroque design with stained glass windows. 

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Center

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Center is the largest open-access library in Germany. The library features strong lines that appear like grids on the walls. Its ceiling lets natural light explode around the corners.

Located in Humboldt University, the library encapsulates the spirit of knowledge among students. Its central reading area makes up for a reading room perfect for exam preparation.

More Libraries To See

There’s so much that Germany has to offer with libraries. See visit more libraries in this shortlist:

  • Marienburg Castle Queen’s Library
  • Upper Lusatian Library of Sciences
  • The German National Library
  • Ulm City Library
  • Foster Library
  • Herzog August Library

See more of Germany’s beauty by seeing more sights to visit during your stay. See our list of seven must-visit places in Germany to tour the country during your studies.


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