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5 Benefits of Studying in St. Petersburg as an International Student

5 Benefits of Studying in St. Petersburg as an International Student 1

No other student city in Russia captures visual elegance like St. Petersburg. And it bears many names that make it a tour de force of Russian history.

To some, it’s the Venice of the North—to others, it’s the window to Europe. And while it’s also called the Paris of the East, it will remain authentically and beautifully Russian.

Beyond this glamor, there are many compelling benefits of studying in St. Petersburg. As of writing, it’s the second-best student city in Russia, just a little behind Moscow.

Curious? Read on to discover how St. Petersburg can shape your life as an international student:

Affordable Tuition Fees

The thought of student debt alone can conjure enough fear to stop students from learning. Fortunately, this wouldn’t be much of an obstacle in St. Petersburg.

In the 2022 QS Best Student Cities ranking, St. Petersburg got the 14 spots for affordability. This is with an average tuition of around US$4,400 and monthly expenses of around $546.

Double Degrees

Many universities in St. Petersburg offer double degrees to international students. Most of these are taught in English, so there’s only a little language barrier at play.

Some of the universities that offer double degrees are St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and  St. Petersburg University. You can take programs from international trade to smart nanostructures.

Strong STEM Education

Not only St. Petersburg but Russia as a whole is best known for top-tier STEM education. Here you’ll find solid courses that focus on natural sciences, physics, and mathematics.

Its line of top universities doesn’t lag behind the competition too. For instance, St. Petersburg State University ranked 61st in the world for mathematics in 2021. In the same year, ITMO secured 74th place for computer science and information systems.

These universities mainly focus on nanotechnology, biomedicine, robotics, and smart technologies. Plus, they’re equipped with cutting-edge laboratories and facilities to accelerate your learning.

Great Job Opportunity

The employer activity in St. Petersburg ranked 77th in the world rankings. Apart from this, studying in the city puts you in a great position to tap into various industries.

Russia is a global economic powerhouse whose gears run on its natural resources. According to US News, some of its top industries are the production of oil and natural gas and agriculture. Its forestry, fishing, and manufacturing sectors are also thriving.

In 2019,  the Worldwide Educating for the Future Index (WEFFI) ranked Russia in the 26th spot for training students for future work. All these round up to amazing working opportunities in the future.

Bustling Culture and Lifestyle

Russia’s culture and history sleep in the heart of St. Petersburg. With many places to see, adventure here is virtually limitless.

Here you can find the second biggest museum in the world, the State Hermitage Museum. You can also take a trip down Palace Square and bask in the beauty of the Winter Palace.

Studying in St. Petersburg brings many benefits to international students from education to employment. Before you move into this city, find out the benefits of learning Russian first so you can fine-tune your skills.


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