4 Reasons to Study Accounting as an International Student

4 Reasons to Study Accounting as an International Student e1644032606185

All financial matters are funneled through accounting. As a practice, accounting deals with the organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of financial data.

Accountants pivot businesses to sound financial decisions. Without the expert judgment of an accountant, most businesses would fall into financial chaos.

The need for talented and smart accountants has grown steadily throughout the years. If you want to take part in a business movement towards financial success, consider a career in accounting.

Here are four reasons to study accounting as an international student:

Get In-Demand Skills

There is a misconception that accountants only deal with ledgers and financial statements. The truth is, accounting requires a specialized set of skills that even go beyond finance.

Most businesses are also moving forward with technology. Modern tech and tools used in the financial analysis would be part of the daily duties of an accountant.

As a company continues to invest in its computing system and equipment, accountants would consistently gain more skills such as technical knowledge that can be applied in any industry.

From finance, you can transfer your skills into data computing and other areas that need strong analytical skills.

A Great Foundation for Other Degrees

An accountancy degree can pave the way for earning other degrees where a bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite.Ā Ā 

One of the best examples is for law schools. An accounting degree can serve as a pre-law course, allowing accounting graduates to pursue law.

Research has also found that Certified Public Accountants or CPAs have a higher chance of passing the bar. With a law degree and an accounting background, you can take on the world as a corporate lawyer.

You can also pursue a master’s degree and apply as an instructor for finance and accounting.

A Globally Diverse Course

Accounting is one of those fields that isn’t location sensitive or industry-specific. You can have access to countless international opportunities with an accounting degree.

Businesses are everywhere and they’re always looking for ways to dominate the global market. Being an accountant can help you get that edge over other candidates.

Finance is also a field that extends on a global scale. You can take jobs as a financial analyst where you’ll deal with big data sets every day.

Get Hired Immediately

As mentioned, the demand for accountants has exponentially grown throughout the years. And as more people enter into business, the need for licensed accountants will continue to increase.

You can expect to land a job within the first six months after graduation. With relevant work experience and a compelling skillset, your job hunt will even be easier.

Once you pass your licensure exam, you can begin your search in banks, governments, or financial services firms. The employability rate is higher among accountants so make sure to ace the board exam.

Studying accounting can help you get in-demand skills and bridge you to better work opportunities. Interested in studying accounting abroad? Check out our stories and programs here at MSM Unify to find which degree is best for you.


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