4 Interesting Facts About the UAE for Students

4 Interesting Facts About the UAE for Students 2

One of the most important and life-changing decisions you may take is where you will pursue your college education. So, conducting analysis and reviewing your college offers in light of your goals is critical.

Although higher education in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is still in its development in comparison to other nations, those that study there benefit greatly.

The UAE is a youthful, vibrant, and interesting country known for its great diversity, hospitality, political stability, economic vigor, safety, and religious tolerance.

Below are four reasons to consider this prospering nation as your study destination.

Take advantage of excellent educational resources

From huge public universities to smaller private colleges and everything in between, there is a variety of study abroad options in the UAE. The UAE’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR), as well as a third-party accrediting agency, have both accredited several of these institutions.

This means that students can continue their major studies at a high-quality university with confidence while also maximizing all the benefits and experiences upon studying in the UAE.

Uncover career potentials

You are traveling primarily to study; nevertheless, this is also an opportunity to assist in the opening of doors to job options. After four to five years in the UAE, international students fall in love with the country and, as the phrase goes, “after you’ve lived in Dubai, you’ll never want to live anywhere else.”

In terms of securing a job in the country, a local education makes a big difference. As previously stated, you will encounter a variety of cultures. As a result, you will develop a desire to learn and consider learning a language or two. If you focus on these talents, you will be able to find work fast in your native country as well. A stronger CV combined with improved abilities is a win-win situation for both you and the company.

Personal development and learning in a safe environment

The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that ensures a safe studying environment; where most of Abu Dhabi’s leading universities, including the United Arab Emirates University, provide student housing. Students must observe the rules and regulations set in their on-campus dorms. Students generally have a nice time and learn a lot because it allows them to grow as individuals, especially when they are living with people from other cultures and mindsets.

You’ll find a diverse range of cultures

If you study in the UAE, you will undoubtedly learn a great deal about the Emirati culture. Emiratis, on the other hand, account for only around 20% of the population of the UAE, with the rest coming from all across the Arab-Islamic world and other nations.

While the majority of people in the country speak English, you will hear various discussions in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Tagalog, and a variety of other languages as you walk the streets. You will gain a broad understanding and insight into a wide array of diverse cultures as a result of your study experience. It is the perfect place to learn about the true meaning of internationalization.

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