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4 Amazing Reasons to Study Art in France

4 Amazing Reasons to Study Art in France

4 Amazing Reasons to Study Art in France

Whether you want to study art history, contemporary art, or applied arts, France may be your dream destination. The country is beaming with countless art inspirations, which students can use to improve their artistic skills.

France is, without a doubt, an internationally recognized hub for culture and the arts. If you want to pursue an art degree abroad, here are four amazing reasons why you should study in France:

Esteemed French Art Schools

France’s reputation as the world’s cradle of culture and the arts rests on a network of esteemed art schools. Specialized training and mentorships make art education in France superior to other schools in Europe.

International students can study any art field they could imagine. French art schools offer architecture, multimedia, fashion design, art restoration, and more.

Students often think that studying arts in France will be an expensive journey. The truth is, the annual tuition is almost the same as any other country.

In fact, you may even spend less in a French university. The French government subsidized post-secondary programs in public higher educational institutions. This makes tuition even more affordable in public schools.

Upon completing your art program, you’ll receive a national diploma recognized by the French government. This diploma has transferable credits under the European Credit Transfer System.

World-Famous Museums and Art Galleries

Monumental masterpieces by renowned French artists make up a large portion of France’s wealth. As home to famous arthouses, art students will find themselves constantly enthused by timeless collections.

France is the perfect learning ground for budding artists. From the exquisite art collections in the Louvre to the contemporary pieces of the Centre Pompidou, students can experience art through different passages of time.

France is also the homeplace of prominent art figures like Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, and Paul Cezanne. By staying in France, you can even revisit and explore their sources of inspiration.

Rich Culture and History

France in itself is evidence of artistic excellence on Earth. The country’s rich history sets it apart from other study destinations in the world.

France is home to 15 Nobel Prize in Literature winners—a clear affirmation of their superior status in the arts.

France also houses over 8,000 museums, 39 cultural heritage sites, and 40,000 monuments. All these make studying and living in France an infusion of creative life, unrivaled art, and undying culture.

The best way to enjoy France is to reward yourself with fine French Cuisine. France is not only home to great artists, but great culinary talents as well.

Plenty of Career Opportunities

Earning an art degree in France opens many job opportunities. There are over 100,000 artisanal enterprises and over 217 types of art-related occupations in the country.

France’s economic vitality is fueled by a passion for art. Over 450,000 individuals have culture-oriented careers.

In France, you can apply for different jobs such as art piece curation, graphic design, photography, art conservation, and many more. You can also engage in woodwork, jewelry, fashion, calligraphy, metalworking and more.

Studying art in France is a fusion of life, art, and culture. To learn more about what France has to offer, browse through our programs here at MSM Unify.


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