Why Indian Students Should Study Nursing In Australia

MSM Unify Why Indian students should Study Nursing In Australia

A valuable occupation that helps society on a global scale is nursing. Plus, it allows for mobility because a nurse can work anywhere in the world. Australia is a popular study destination for people who want to become nurses since there are accredited professional nursing schools there. But, relocating to Australia to pursue nursing may bring a few differences that you need to be mindful of.


You will also have access to fantastic job prospects if you decide to study in Australia. Are you an international nursing student who is unsure about where to begin? In this blog, we’ve created a helpful guide to address all of your inquiries about studying nursing in Australia.

Can Indian students enroll in nursing programs in Australia?


Yes. Australia is a great place for international students to study nursing. Having said that, there are a few requirements you must fulfill if you wish to pursue this academic route. 

What are the requirements to study nursing in Australia?

English language skills and completion of an Australian Year 12 qualification (or a similar international secondary school qualification) are generally the major requirements. For non-native English speakers, you must demonstrate that you pass the English language registration standards of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA).


An English language test can help you accomplish this. Even specialized English language assessments for healthcare professionals are offered by a number of organizations. These exams are usually written to mirror actual job tasks and feature pertinent language abilities.


Even though these are the basic requirements, various education providers may have extra or particular requirements. For instance, several institutions impose that before beginning any practical placements, nursing students must receive vaccinations against a variety of diseases.


Moreover, some colleges have prerequisites that applicants must have passed, such as math and specific sciences. Verify the qualifications for each institution’s nursing programs on their website before applying.


Here are some potential requirements for studying nursing in Australia:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent

  • Prerequisite courses in subjects such as anatomy and physiology, biology, and chemistry

  • A satisfactory score on the Nursing and Midwifery Admissions Test (NMAT)

  • A valid police clearance certificate

  • Immunization records

  • Proof of English proficiency


Please note that these requirements may vary depending on the specific nursing program and the institution offering it. It is important to research the requirements for the specific program you are interested in and to contact the institution directly for more information. Check out the ways to know if nursing is right for you.

Why Study Nursing in Australia?


A lot of Indian students choose Australia as their study destination to pursue nursing. But why is that? Here are some reasons you should take note of:

Reputable Nursing Schools

Numerous top universities are located in Australia. University of New South Wales, the University of Melbourne, and the Australian National University are just a few of the nation’s institutions that are widely recognized worldwide. Academic performance and high-quality education are emphasized at these universities.¬†


Along with having experience in nursing schools, Australia is home to about 50 nursing colleges that are internationally recognized. Some of the institutions in Australia are ranked in the top 50 universities worldwide according to a QS survey.

Multicultural Environment

Australia is known to be a friendly place. Australia is renowned for its cultural richness and cosmopolitan population and is one of the top nations for the international student population.


Thousands of Indian students seek education in this country since many Indians choose to pursue their education there. Australian institutions value the importance of cultural differences.

Diverse Courses

Students can take a variety of courses in Australia. Every student can find a study program in the nation, whether it be long or short, a postgraduate degree or a certification.


In fact, nursing courses are among the most well-liked programs in Australia. International students are increasingly choosing to study nursing in Australia.

Growing Demand for Nursing Professionals

One of the main factors contributing to the popularity of the nursing career in Australia is the country’s aging population. According to statistics, Australia’s population is gradually getting older. The demand for nurses has risen as a result of the aging population.


Nursing Shortage in Australia

There are several reasons why there may be a nursing shortage in Australia. Some of the potential causes could include an aging population, an increase in chronic conditions that require ongoing medical care, a lack of investment in healthcare infrastructure, and a lack of incentives to attract and retain nurses. Additionally, there may be a shortage of nursing faculty to train new nurses, leading to a smaller pool of qualified candidates. The healthcare system needs to address these issues to ensure that there are enough nurses to meet the needs of the population.


As a result, a special committee has created guidelines for overseas nurses to enter the country, mainly due to the lack of nurses in the country. The Department’s submission explains the process for these nurses to enter Australia. Check out the tips for students of nursing.


Learn how you can study nursing in Australia for free and how much it costs to study nursing in Australia when you read through the MSM Unify blogs.


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