Top 5 Global Universities in Australia to Study

Global Universities in Australia

Australia is another popular study abroad destination for international students with 43 universities and 38 Australian universities. Out of all the universities in Australia, there are top 5 universities that gradually maintain a good ranking under top 50. According to QS World Rankings 2023, Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of South Wales and The University of Queensland are the top 5 universities in Australia.  

Australia has relatively low numbers in universities but it offers students quality education at its best. To study in Australia, a student can choose between various specializations and earn a degree under  . Apart from tuition fees, students can also apply for ample scholarships like 

University  QS World Ranking 2022 
Australian National University  30 
University of Melbourne  33 
University of Sydney  41 
University of South Wales  45 
The University of Queensland  50 

Australian National University 

Australian National University was established in 1946. It was created as a postgraduate research university by the parliament of the country. The university is located in Canberra, the capital city of Australia and seat of government.  

The university is renowned for its six Nobel prize winners and runs by Brian Schmidt. BRian Schmidt was a Nobel winner himself in 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics for offering evidence for universities acceleration.  

 Australian National University is popularly known by its short name ANU and has many international partnerships with universities like University of Oxford, Yale University, National University of Singapore and ETH Zurich.  

Top Courses at Australian National University 

Some of the top programs at Australian National University with tuition fees are tabulated below.  

Program  Tuition Fee (AUD/year) 
Master of Business Administration   33,037 
Master of Computing  30,904 
Bachelor of Accounting   31,000 
Bachelor Software Engineering  31,000 
Master of Applied Data Analytics  29,628 
Bachelor of Biotechnology  31,646 
Master of Marketing Management  33,037 
Master of Professional Accounting  31,646 
Master of Engineering in Mechatronics  31,000 

Australian National University Placements  

ANU Career Hub is the placement cell for Australian National University. Some of the top degrees at university with average salary are tabulated below.  

Degrees  Average Salary in (AUD) 
MBA  128,000 
Bachelors of Science  115,000 
Masters  110,000 
Masters in Finance  105,000 
Masters of Arts  103,000 
Bachelor of Arts  90,000 

University of Melbourne  

University of Melbourne is the second oldest university in Australia and it was founded in 1853. The fellows of Royal Society David Solomon and David Boger and nobel prize winner Peter Dohetry teach and research at university. The university is currently home to 47,000 students and ,6,500 staff members and 280,000 alumni around the world.  


Top Courses at University of Melbourne 

The top courses at University of Melbourne with annual fees in Indian currency are tabulated below. 


Total Annual Fees (INR) 

Master of Science 


Bachelor of Science 


Master of Management  


Master of Engineering 


Master of Information Technology  


Master of Computer Science  


Bachelor of Commerce 


Master of Finance 


Master of Engineering Management  


Master of Business Administration [M.B.A] 


Executive Master of Business Administration  


University of Sydney  

University of Sydney is the oldest university in Australia which was founded in 1851. The student enrollment at university is from 134 various nations and marks approximately 46,000 students.  

 The university has more than 280 international exchange programs with more than 30 countries. The university alumni included 5 Australian prime ministers including Edmund Barton who, in 1901, won Australia’s first ever federal election. Apart from this there are 90 research centres at university.   

The University of Sydney is a member of CEMS, the Group of Eight, the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Association of Pacific Universities. The university has an employment rate of 89% and top companies like Microsoft, Telstra, Sirtex Medical, Qantas, etc. 


Programs  Total Annual Fees (INR) 
Master of Professional Accounting  20,35,058 
Master of Commerce  20,00,702 
Bachelor of Finance   18,60,624 
Executive Master of Business Administration [E.M.B.A]  27,52,173 
Master of Engineering, Intelligent Information Engineering  18,99,387 
Master of Science, Data Science  18,99,387 
Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting  18,60,624 
Master of Engineering, Telecommunication  18,99,387 
Bachelor of Science /Master of Nursing  18,60,624 
Master of Engineering, Automation and Manufacturing Systems  18,99,387 
Master of Science Advanced Nursing Practice  16,86,191 
Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science, Medical Science  20,15,676 
Master of Business Administration  19,76,913 
Master of Engineering, Electrical Engineering  18,99,387 

University of South Wales 

University of New South Wales is located in Sydney and known for its research and teaching practices. The university enrols more than 64,000 students coming from 130 countries.  

 The university offers more than 23 subjects in various areas like Accounting, Finance, Law, Civil & Structural Engineering and Psychology . The online MBA program at university is 4th best in the world and it is the only member of Global Alliance of Technology from Australia.  

UNSW is quite a good Australian University for international students planning to study in Australia as it offers either full tuition fees waiver or 20,000 AUD per annum scholarships. The graduates at university earn 1,20,000 AUD to 1,60,000 AUD average starting salary.  

Top Courses at University of South Wales 

Some of the popular courses at University of South Wales with fees structure are tabulated below,  

Program name  Fee (AUD) 
Bachelor of International Public Health  7,950 per year 
MBA  930 per credit 
Bachelor of Economics  995 per credit 
Master of Data Science  930 per credit 
Bachelor of Science  995 per credit 
Master of Public Health  930 per credit 


The University of Queensland  

The University of Queensland is one of the best teaching and research institutes in Australia. The university is part of Go8 (Group of Eight universities in Australia). Currently, the institute is home to 40,000 students, out of which 30% of them are international and come from 141 countries.  

The university is renowned with a famous alumni base including Nobel laureates, two Fortune 500 company CEOs, Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush and poet Bronwyn Lea.   

The university has a beautiful campus with lush green Brisbane near the suburb of St Lucia. The university has enrollment from more than 142 countries spread across three locations in total.  


Programs  Fees Per Annum 
M.B.A  $80,808 
Master of Data Science  $45,120 
Master of Computer Science [M.C.S]  $45,120 
Master of Business [M.Bus]  $42,272 
Master of Architecture [M.Arch]  $40,640 
Master of Information Technology  $45,120 
Master of International Law  $42,272 
B.Eng Software Engineering  $45,120 
Masters in Financial Mathematics  $41,040 
Bachelor of Health Sciences  $37,344 
Bachelor of Nursing  $34,736 
M.Com  $44,272 


Hence, pursuing study in Australia is a wholesome package in all. Students across the world study at these top universities and earn great placement packages. Get started with your study in Australia and earn bachelors, masters and PhD quality education.  


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