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Pointers in Making Your GTE Statement

Pointers in Making Your GTE Statement

For all individuals planning to study in Australia, before they can get a study visa, they may be required to pass a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement. This requirement, also known as a GTE Statement, should be done by the applicant to show they are only coming to Australia to study there temporarily. However, the statement does not exclude students who are planning to study and develop skills in Australia to apply for a permanent residency. 

Pointers in Writing Your GTE Statement

Before going through some pointers in writing your statement, remember that the statement should be in English. In case you are not confident in writing your statement in English, you can write it in your own language, including a translated copy of it. Also, remember that some factors, including your whole situation, including your personal circumstances, will be considered when the Australian government makes the decision for your study visa. Now, without further ado, here are some other pointers you must remember when writing your GTE. 

Include Documentation in Everything

For every claim that you made through your GTE, you have to provide documentation supporting it. These documents will be attached separately. Remember, generic statements which do not have enough evidence will not have much bearing in the GTE assessment. 

Some of the documentation needed may include your academic transcripts, certificate of attainment. If you are already working, your current employer, details of your job role, and so on. To show your economic situation, including your income tax return, bank statements, salary documentation, and so on. 

Be Honest With Your Statement

The number one thing you need to remember is that officers can generally tell if you are being untrue with your statement or not.  Thus, do not forget to be honest with everything that you write, including your immigration history. For example, if you have had your study visa denied in the past, or got a poor academic performance, put them as they are relevant information you have to mention. Not doing so may result in your application getting rejected. 

Moreover, being dishonest also includes not attaching the needed supporting documents in your GTE. 

Explain Why You Chose Australia and Your Education Provider

Do your research about your education provider and Australia to create a good argument why you chose to study in the institution, and why Australia and not other countries or your home countries. This will showcase officers you have put great thought into your studies. 

Explain the Value of the Course in Your Future

Why do you want to take the course? So you can get a promotion at your current work? Or is it because you think the industry in your home country will become bigger in the future? For other people, it is to learn skills they think will allow them to become better in their field. If you are a researcher in a specific field, it may also be because Australia, or a specific education provider or course can give you the specific program you need. 

Writing your GTE statement needs a lot of research and thought, so be sure to take your time to write a good one. 

Learn more about Australia as a study destination by checking out MSM Unify’s article about it. The articles included some tips about living in Australia, such as how you can get employment, choosing the right accommodation, and so on. 


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