Education Agents in Australia: What You Need To Know

Education Agents in Australia What You Need To Know

If you are planning to study in Australia but feeling overwhelmed by the many requirements and application procedures you have to face, then you should ask the assistance of an education agent. 

Read below about the things you should know about education agents in Australia. 

Education Agents Are an Integral Part of the International Education Industry

Education Agents are a crucial part of the international education industry in Australia. In fact, both students and educational institutions value education agents in their role. For institutions, for increasing the number of its international students, and for students, for assisting them in their application. 

Education Agents Make Application for Foreign Students Easier

Basically, an education agent gives students information and options about living and study in Australia, from their study and visa applications to the procedures needed by institutions. Many education agents have also studied in Australia, that’s why they know a lot about the country’s procedures. 

Aside from assisting students with their application, and institutions’ procedures, education agents also give foreign students up-to-date information about the course they want to pursue in Australia, plus the country’s policies, including its changes, specially on things related to visa. 

The Australian Government Supports and Values Education Agents

Various government bodies assist institutions in their partnerships with education agents. One of them, the Provider Registration and international Management System (PRISMS), assists institutions by enabling them to record their collaboration with education agents when it comes to international education. PRISMS review the data they get and create institution based reports on international student outcomes because of education agents. This way, institutions are able to assess their education agents’ performances.  

The Australian Government Department of Education, on the other hand, assists institutions in meeting their obligations in working with education agents, under its National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018. 

Through this national code, the department aims to recognize the role of education gents in their performance. 

Education Agents Are Unqualified To Give Migration Advice

Although education agents can help you with the processes of getting a study visa, and walking you through the application, they cannot give students migration advice. In fact, that is against the Australian law, especially if the agent is based in Australia. The only time agents can give students migration advice is if they are a Registered Migration Agent.  

Not All Education Agents Follow the Rules

Not all education agents in Australia follow the country’s rules, and some international students may meet unethical agents who deviate from what is right. That is why it is always important to choose your agents well by doing your own research and background check. For example, check if the agent’s name is included in the list of agents supported by your prospective institution, or make sure that the agent explains to you the fees and charges you may have to pay, and you understand it well.

In case you did experience working with some problematic agents, contact the institutions where they are working so you can file a complaint. 

Education agents in Australia have helped make the country one of the top study destinations in the world. Learn more about them, check out MSM Unify’s article on A Quick Guide to Finding an Education Agent to Study in Australia to know the things you need to consider in finding one. 



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