Of the Many English-Speaking Countries, Why Choose Australia for Your Studies Abroad?

Living the Australian Life as an International Student

Many English-speaking countries in the world offer world-class education, not only for their local students but also for the international ones. Among them are the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. These countries have been the top-ranked study destinations in the world for many years, with the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia always vying for the top position. 


With so many options for an English-speaking country to study in Australia, what sets Australia apart? Why should international students choose it as their study destination?

Low Crime Rate and a Peaceful Country in General 

Did you know that Australia is one of the most peaceful countries in the world? In fact, according to the 2020 Global Peace Index, Australia is more peaceful than the US and the UK. The country’s stable political system, plus its low crime rate, has contributed to this ranking. 

Of course, it is still wise to observe some safety precautions especially when you have your valuables with you if you decide to study and live in Australia. 

According to the Australia 2020 Crime and Safety Report by the US State Department, Melbourne, one of the largest and busiest cities in Australia, is categorized as a ‚Äúlow-threat location‚ÄĚ and is generally a safe city. However, although safe, the most common types of crimes people do experience are the non-violent ones, such as theft.¬†

Has One of the Cleanest Air in the World


If you want to live in a country with relatively low air pollution, then choose Australia. Although Australia’s air quality is relatively cleaner than most countries in the world, the country still aims to keep improving its air quality. 

The main reason why Australia has a cleaner air quality than other developed countries is because of its government. All levels of the Australian government play a major role in managing the country’s air quality. It all started with a countrywide agreement. The country’s National Clean Air Agreement is a framework that helps the country’s governments to prioritize addressing Australia’s air quality issues. 

Thus, each state and territory is in charge of managing their jurisdiction’s air quality. Moreover, aside from the Agreement, other legislative measures are also in place through various legislations and frameworks, such as the National Environment Protection Measure, Product Emissions Standards Act 2017, and so on. 

Gender Equality is a Priority 

When it comes to gender equality and women empowerment, Australia has been, for a long time, a global leader. In 2020, during the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action anniversary, Australia made new commitments to advancing the rights of girls and women not only in Australia but also worldwide. 

For example, one of those commitments includes launching a Gender Equality Fund to further support gender equality in other countries. Moreover, the country ensures that higher education and research in Australia for women is accessible, especially for those living overseas. One of the scholarships being offered by the Australian government is the Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship. It aims to support women to increase the number of female role models in various fields such as science, technology, math, and engineering. 

The list above shows some of the specific reasons why students should choose Australia to study abroad over other English-speaking countries. If you want to learn more about Australia and what it has to offer, check out MSM Unify.


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