Why Take Your Internship in Switzerland?

How To Land Your First Job in Switzerland After Graduation

Switzerland is famous for many things—cheese, the Swiss Alps, Swiss villages. This country is well-developed, has a strong economy, and has a political system and influence beyond its borders. 

With a country as promising as Switzerland, many opportunities can open up for people who chose to intern or study there. 

Aside from those already discussed above, here are other reasons you should take your internship in Switzerland. 

Be an Intern in Some of the World’s Most Prominent Organizations 

Switzerland is home to some of the most prominent and known international organizations in the world. These include the UN organizations, such as the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights(UN OHCHR), and other international organizations, such as the International Labour Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross. 

It is also the headquarters of CERN, the birthplace of the World Wide Web. Moreover, it is home to some of the largest and most complex scientific instruments in the world. 

What’s more, some UN organizations such as the OHCHR, and CERN are also offering internship programs, with CERN giving full fundings through some of its programs. 

For interns, this is a good way to make their CVs more attractive. It also increases their chances of getting into these big organizations in Switzerland, or in their home country. 

You May Not Need to Apply for a Working Visa

The need to get a working visa will depend on the organization where you will take your internship. If you join a major international organization in Switzerland, they will be in charge of the administrative aspects of getting your work permit. This is because many major international organizations in Switzerland have an agreement with the Swiss government to give support to their interns from other countries. 

However, you might have a bit of a hard time applying for a work permit if you choose a private company to do your internship.

Experience Staying in a Country With a High Quality of Life

Switzerland has one of the highest quality of life in the world and has a relatively high score compared to most countries in the world in the OECD’s Better Life Index. 

In 2020, Switzerland also ranked 3rd in the Human Development Index rankings. 

Being able to experience a county where the quality of life is one of the highest in the world can give you a wider perspective of the world. For example, if you are interning in development-related work, the exposure there can inspire you to make life in your home country better or at par with Switzerland’s standards. 

Moreover, your experience in Switzerland can also make you stand out in many organizations and companies worldwide. 

If you have decided on taking your internship in Switzerland, the next step is applying in your preferred field. Fortunately, many organizations in Switzerland offer internship opportunities to individuals from every discipline and field. 

Learn more about Switzerland, including some practical information, and tips to make your stay there more fun and easier by checking our articles at MSM Unify.


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