What To Ask an Education Agent?

What To Ask an Education Agent

Evaluating your options for overseas education can be challenging. The wide array of choices often creates more confusion than clarity. Apart from that, application processes are often tenuous and it’s tough without proper assistance from an experienced professional.

This makes the role of an education agent vital to your study abroad journey. Education agents are trained to provide clear and straightforward services to international students. They provide application assistance and share helpful advice with students pursuing a degree abroad.

To make sound decisions and obtain clear answers to your concerns, you need to ask the right questions. Here are eight questions that you should ask education agent when subscribing to their services:

What kind of services do you offer?

It’s important to define the roles and duties of the education agent. Some agents provide either counseling and application assistance or both. Some agents only provide support from the visa application stage and not for pre-arrival matters. 

As a general rule, education agents aid in almost every aspect of student recruitment. With that said, they often have specialized expertise in the education system of certain study destinations.

With this level of knowledge, education agents can help you with all your visa-related concerns. They can also aid you in selecting your preferred study program, although there will be other professionals available to help out.

Note that all these services must come free; not a single dime charged on your behalf. Remember, education agents earn based on commissions from the university, not from clients such as yourself.

How many students have you helped successfully land an admission?

Asking this question gives you a clear vision of the credibility of the education agent. Numbers speak for themselves and an agent with high successful cases is more likely to guarantee admission.

Plus, higher successful admissions also means more diverse experience. Naturally, you’ll want to gravitate towards education agents with a well-rounded background in student recruitment.

Keep in mind that their success admissions rates must be relative to their years of experience. Of course, seasoned education agents will have more success stories in their books than new ones.

An agent with more years of experience isn’t ultimately better than a new one though. But it does give you an advantage down the line during your college application. 

Which college or university do you offer?

Education agents are recruitment representatives of the schools. Ask an agent about the school they’re representing and inquire about the programs and associated costs. 

Moreover, agents are the ones with firsthand knowledge about the campus culture within the said university. Through this, you can get better insights into what it’s like to be a student under their wing.

Certain universities also excel in specific study areas which you may want to look into. An education agent can also help you understand the facilities available to you to supplement your learning.

Although education agents aren’t necessarily financial experts, they can also guide you in with tuition costs. In some cases, they can also lead you to scholarship options if you’re an eligible candidate.

Do you have associates in the countries where you’ll send students?

It’s extremely vital to have continuous support during your adjustment period in the host country. If they have associates or offices in different countries, further assistance is more accessible.

The support you receive must extend during the course of your studies as well. It really makes a difference if an agent’s institution has offices in various parts of the world as well.

If a physical office isn’t in place, at least there should be online alternatives to tap into. For instance, ask your education agent’s availability on online channels for quick inquiries and advice.

What are the costs associated with my application?

Financial matters are a serious concern when it comes to studying overseas. As an international student, you need to have a comprehensive projection of the possible costs. These often include visa fees, application fees, accommodation, proof of funds, and more. 

Your education agent can only give you a fair estimate, but it might be the closest calculation you can get. At least, you’ll have a better idea of how much to shell out before flying to your study destination.

This is just a small part of their services, so don’t expect an in-depth sit-down discussing these matters. What you must do is receive their advice, keep note of it, and see if there are avenues you can try to build your funds.

Which program is right for me?

An education agent will help you sort through your program options. Asking this question would give you more insights into possible courses and potential career paths. 

This is perhaps the most important advice an education agent can give you. Of course, you have to arrive at the best decision yourself, as the agent can only advise you on the situation.

To maximize the process, you can ask your agent to list down the potential study programs you can take. Then proceed to talk about course requirements and associated costs of completing the program.

Projections of career prospects may also help you decide on this matter. An education agent may provide you with all related information that will complement your personal research.

What are my options for financial assistance?

Education agents offer guidance when looking for financial aid to study abroad. Financial assistance is necessary to sufficiently fund your education. An agent with extensive experience has access to contacts and lists of scholarships and student loans.

However, not every student is an eligible candidate for all these kinds of financial assistance options. That’s where an education agent can come in and assess if your profile fits the criteria to maybe take out a loan or get scholarships.

As mentioned, these agents normally have connections with student-lending institutions. If you’re having a hard time contacting them, reach out to your education agent and they can help out.

What requirements do I need to supply?

It is extremely important that all your documents are correct and complete before applying. To avoid complications, ask your agents about what requirements you should prepare. They will also help verify if your documents are accurate and acceptable.

Remember, having all the right requirements can make or break your application. It’s only sound to have a professional look over your documents and paperwork before sending them out to the university.

Education agents already know every single requirement that you need to pass an admission. And if you want to, you can also create your own checklist just to be sure that you have everything in place.

In addition to all these questions, don’t forget to inquire about the lifestyle and customs in the host country. This will help you find destinations to visit, customs to follow, and certain activities to try.

An education agent provides services to help you successfully secure admission to a school abroad. Read more of our articles here at MSM Unify to learn more about education agents.


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