What Items Should You Bring to Study in Australia?

What Items Should You Bring to Study in Australia 1

Flying to Australia to pursue your degree? Once you have all your pre-departure arrangements sorted, it’s time to pack your bags.

It’s simple and straightforward, but packing your belongings can be a struggle too. Not only are you parting with valuable memories, but you’ll also have to make crucial choices. You have to decide which things to bring, including clothes and small appliances.

If you’re boarded to  Australia, you need to know what items you should bring. Use this short guide as a reference when packing your bags to Australia:

A Thick Jacket

The land down under has emerged as a top study destination. As a result, thousands of aspiring students enter the country each year.

One of the mistakes they make is thinking that it’s always warm in Australia. The truth is, the country freezes in the cold from June to August.

Some parts of Australia are colder than others. During the winter season, the chilling weather envelopes downtown areas more. So you must bring at least one thick jacket to get you through this weather.


After the cold season, your skin will ache from the warmth of the sun. Make sure to pack a couple of swimwear to be beach-ready during the summer.

Many Australian students take a dip in the outdoor pool during weekends. If you’re invited to one, make sure to have some fun pieces to wear.

You can bring any type of swimwear you like. One-piece or two-piece bikinis for the girls. Board shorts (and maybe a muscle tee) for the boys.

One or Two Pairs of Flip Flops

Flip flops are a type of footwear usually made from rubber. This practical footwear is great for any type of task indoors or outdoors.

Fun fact: in Australia, these flip flops are called “thongs.” And if you think this is a simple item in Australia, you’re wrong. In fact, these are even an important part of Australian culture.

Adequate Sunscreen

Did you know that there’s a hole in the ozone layer that’s above Australia? If that isn’t enough to convince you to bring sunscreen, we don’t know what else will.

It’s especially hotter in Australia during summertime. The temperature can fluctuate from 40 degrees and higher.  A sunscreen with SPF 15 is good on a daily basis. 

App or Guidebook on Australian Slangs

Australian slangs can be difficult to understand and confusing especially if you don’t know the basics.

You might call someone a chicken “chook.” And “yeah nah,” isn’t actually a positive response.

Make sure you download apps such as Slangtionary and learn a couple of Australian slang. Once you’re in the country, you can practice your skills in daily conversations.

Appropriate Power Adapters

If you’re bringing electronic gadgets with you, purchase an adapter. The regular sockets in Australia look like a triangle composed of three pins.

You need a Type 1 plug for your adapter. The voltage in Australia is between 220–240 and 50 Hz.

There are certain items you need to bring to study in Australia. To find more articles like these, check out our articles here at MSM Unify.


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