What Is the Cost of Living in the UK for Indian Students?

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The United Kingdom is a common choice for thousands of Indian students looking to study abroad since it is home to a number of the most prominent universities all over the world, including Oxford and Cambridge. In addition to its exceptional academic standards, the UK draws foreign students for a range of other factors. Yet, the majority of international and Indian students are usually concerned about the costs associated with their studies in the UK. But with proper planning, the cost of living in the UK for Indian students and other foreign students can be kept as low as possible.

We have thus provided you with a detailed overview of the living expenses in UK for Indian students in order to help you budget your money wisely.

General Cost of Living in UK

The undergraduate tuition cost varies from £10,000 to £38,000 annually for full-time degrees for students from outside the UK, which includes Indian students. Keep in mind that higher costs apply to medical degrees from top universities.


The estimated yearly tuition for full-time master’s degrees for Indian students in the UK spans from £9,000 to £30,000. The regular annual tuition for programs focusing on laboratories and research is between £14,000 and £15,000. The average cost of medical degrees is £22,200, although it can reach $52,000. There are, however, affordable colleges in the UK for foreign students that charge below the sum mentioned above.


International students must be careful with their finances due to the rising cost of living in the UK. Living expenses in the UK for Indian students will vary significantly based on their lifestyle, purchasing behavior, and economic state.


Depending on how long you want to stay in the UK, you can determine your projected costs. Bear in mind that the average annual cost of living in the UK is close to £12,000. In contrast, if you don’t spend too much on housing, the average monthly cost of student housing in the UK is about £547. Below is a monthly breakdown of the expense of living in the UK.


Monthly Costs


£500 – £700


£100 – £200

Gas and electricity






Stationery and textbooks

£20 – £40


£50 – £75


£30 – £40


The majority of the fees associated will go toward housing, which is the most significant component of your living costs in the UK. Students have a variety of housing alternatives to select from, including dorms, private apartments, communal housing, university residence halls, and local homestays. For international students, residence halls are the most common type of housing.


Type of Accomodation

Average Rent

Halls of Residence

£400 – £600/ month

Private apartments

£800 – £1000/ month

Local homestays

£10 – £60/ night


Food and grocery are a big factor to the cost of living in the UK per month. If you prepare your meals rather than going out to expensive restaurants, you can effectively control your food budget. Regularly eating out will certainly boost your expenses.


Indian students in the UK have access to a variety of Indian grocery stores that offer all the ingredients required to cook an Indian dinner. By doing this, Indian students can effectively manage their living expenses in the UK.


Commuting within the city is also part of the cost of living in the UK. You must factor these fees in, especially if your flat is situated far from your school. However, there are many student discounts available for overseas students, making the cost of travel relatively inexpensive.


Additionally, since the UK’s system of public transportation is so well-organized and practical, students can access it. Unlike taxis, taking the bus, train, or tube, or just cycling around the city, can be a much cheaper travel choice for international students.

Utilities and Bills

When staying in the UK, a lot of household expenses are necessary. Electricity, water, internet, and other utility bills should all be paid punctually. In most cases, your rent already covers all of these expenses, but if it does not you must take into account the cost of different expenses while living in the UK. In addition, health insurance costs are factored into the price of living in the UK for Indian students.


Average Cost Per Month

Mobile and Internet


Gas / Water/ Electricity





Last but not least, miscellaneous expenses cover a wide range of stuff including leisure activities, dining, shopping, stationery, toiletries, housewares, and any extra purchases you might make. Please be aware that extra spending might vary from individual to individual and is entirely dependent on your lifestyle.

Overall, London is a pricey place to live and study. For Indian students, London has a higher cost of living in the UK for Indian students than the rest of the UK. But with the right planning, everything else will go according to plan. Learn more about the UK, from study programs, and universities to culture and etiquette. Browse through MSM Unify.


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