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What are the Benefits of Studying Business in Barcelona?

What are the Benefits of Studying Business in Barcelona?

Although not the capital city, Barcelona is a well-known city in Spain. The city is a cultural center in Spain and is famous for its art, history, architecture, and cuisine. 

Barcelona is also home to the country’s top universities, which have been around for centuries. For example, its flagship institution, the University of Barcelona has been around since the 15th century.  

With the city’s long history in higher education, what’s in it for business students? 

Read below to know the benefits of studying business in Barcelona.

Affordable Compared to Other European Cities 

Business study programs, especially in Europe can be expensive, from undergraduate degrees, to postgraduate business degrees, especially MBAs. 

However, the opportunities one gets after taking business courses are huge. In fact, business graduates can work in different fields after graduating. Thus, many see it as an excellent investment.

In Europe, some of the top countries to study business include the UK, France, Germany, and Spain. However, compared to the other big cities in Europe, Barcelona has a lower cost of living. 

For example, according to Numbeo, for a single person in Barcelona, you only need to have at least EUR 3,400 for one month. Meanwhile in other big cities in Europe, here are the estimated amounts you need to maintain the same standard of living: 

  • London: EUR 5,613
  • Berlin: EUR 3,756.89
  • Paris: EUR 4,820.66

In case you want to save more money, students can also take 

Startup Haven 

Barcelona is also a hotspot for startup businesses and an active city for innovation. In fact, in 2018, Barcelona’s startup companies have raised EUR 871 million. Thus, if you are planning on setting up your own business in Spain, then Barcelona is the place to be. It’s also a good place for business students who want to have a fruitful internship experience abroad. 

Also, even before tech companies began entering the scene, Barcelona was already characterized by its collaborative community. Various business and startup events are also celebrated in Barcelona, including 4YFN, the Mobile World Congress, and the Smart City Expo World Congress. 

A Good Place to Start Building Your Network 

Barcelona is already a popular place for international students. However, did you know that aside from students, the city is also home to different cultures? 

More than 17% of the city’s population consists of people from various countries, such as China, Ecuador, Pakistan, Morocco, and so on. It is also home to a large Jewish community. 

As a student of business, this will allow you to network with people from different cultures in just one city. It will also help you learn more about other cultures, which is important in understanding different local markets.  

Learn in English, or Learn one of the Most Spoken Languages in the World

Because Barcelona has a huge international community, from expats to students, don’t be surprised that English is also widely spoken in Barcelona. 

This is good if you want to study in Spain but are not that fluent yet in Spanish. 

However, although English is widely spoken in Barcelona, it can also be beneficial for you to learn Spanish while in there. 

In fact, did you know that Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world? To be exact, Spanish has around 471 million native speakers spread in different regions of the world. 

Being able to speak the language can help open more opportunities for you, especially in multinational companies, or companies focusing on Spanish speakers. 

Aside from studying business in Barcelona, there are other subjects worth studying in Spain, such as Humanities and Arts, and so on. However, before you can pursue those courses, first, you need to prepare. As part of your preparation, read MSM Unify’s articles on the costs and expenses of studying in Spain.


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