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Ways on How You Can Still Get Accepted Even With Low SAT Scores

Ways on How You Can Still Get Accepted Even With Low SAT Scores 1

You might be wondering where you went wrong. You’ve been performing well in school, after all, preparing and studying for admissions tests. But your SAT scores do not reflect your high grades in school. You probably think you don’t have the chance to get into that college you’ve always wanted.

But don’t worry. If you got a low SAT score, it does not define your overall intelligence. It does not signify the end. In fact, there are ways on how you still can be accepted in an institution despite such scores:

ACT as an alternative

The SAT and ACT are both accepted by colleges. ACT is a good option if you scored low on the SAT. Maybe you’ll ace the ACT as it is a subject-driven exam similar to an in-school exam’s structure. You can opt to submit your ACT score if you score well instead of your SAT score.

Some colleges do not require test admissions

Many education providers are choosing to accept admissions with or without SAT or ACT scores. These research test-optional colleges primarily focus on an applicant’s high school grades, referrals, and recommendations, and not just on mere admissions tests.

Meet with admissions representatives

Make an impression when you meet with an admissions representative. They are usually the person assigned to read student applications and would advocate for your application throughout the process.

Improve extracurriculars

If you think that colleges only look for grades and test scores, you’re wrong. Colleges also look for well-rounded students who engage in activities at school or within the community. Improve your extracurriculars by joining clubs that match your interests. Try out for football, sign up for workshops, or do some volunteer work.

Submit exceptional letters of recommendation

Letters of recommendation are another way to get you accepted into your school of choice. Ask for impressive letters of recommendation from your teacher, coach, or counselor. Talk to them and discuss with them the challenges you’ve overcome, goals you’ve achieved, and things you’re passionate about. Remember that one exceptional recommendation letter is much better than a lot of bland letters.

Be creative

You can be creative in terms of application. Your college won’t accept a plain and boring application along with a low SAT score. And what you need to do is send one that stands out. Catch their attention. Make them remember you through a creative cover letter.

Having a low SAT score shouldn’t make you worry too much. Make use of these tips that we’ve provided to impress your college even without high test scores. Now, plan and organize everything, and you’re good to go.

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