Upcoming Intakes in USA 2024: Fall, Spring, and Summer Intakes

Upcoming Intakes in the USA Fall, Spring, and Summer Intakes

USA Intakes 2024

World-renowned universities, a flexible educational system, a diverse range of courses, modern learning facilities, vibrant campus life, and excellent work career opportunities make the USA one of the most preferred study abroad destinations.

As recorded in 2022, 211,930 Indian students are pursuing higher education in the USA. There is a 15% rise in the number of international students compared to the previous year. Moreover, this number is expected to rise in the coming years owing to the top-notch career prospects and quality of living that this country offers.

If you wish to skyrocket your career and live a modern lifestyle, the USA is perfect for pursuing higher education. Hereā€™s an informative read by MSM Unify to help you learn about the intakes in the USA universities, admission requirements, and tips on persuasive applications.

The three main intakes in the USA

In order to streamline the admissions process and provide fair opportunities to students, US universities follow a batch-wise admissions process. This admission process or intake session takes place thrice a year. During each intake session, specific universities welcome admissions applications for particular courses.Ā 

Therefore, it is important to learn about these three sessions of intakes in the USA to identify the courses and universities as per your requirements and adhere to the application process flawlessly.


Intakes Duration Application timeline
Fall intake September- December November – May
Spring intake January – April July- December
Summer intake May- August January – March


The fall intake is regarded as the primary intake season in the US as the majority of admissions take place in September.Ā  If you miss the deadlines for the fall intake, you have another chance to apply in January, during the spring or secondary intake.

The summer intake or the May intake offers limited course offerings and scholarship opportunities. For this reason, the summer intake is also known as the tertiary or additional intake.

In the following sections, all three intakes in the USA are in detail. Read these sections carefully to understand the finer aspects of these three intakes in the USA and follow the application process perfectly.Ā 

1. Fall intake in USA

The fall or September intake is the most popular of all the three intake seasons for international students. Several premier universities open their admissions process for a wide range of degree courses this season, giving students more options to explore.

During the fall semester, the majority of international students can avail of scholarship opportunities and secure admission to top-notch universities in the USA. Another considerable advantage of this intake season is students get more time to acclimatize to the new ambiance.

Since this is the most popular intake season, expect significant competition! The application process for September 2024 admission will start in November 2023 and continue until May 2024. So, keep a tab on the application deadlines for desired universities.

Top 10 Fall Intake Universities in USAĀ 

Sr no. University Sr no.Ā  University
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 6 George Mason University
2 Stanford University 7 Colorado State University
3 Harvard University 8 Louisiana State University
4 University of Utah 9 University of Minnesota
5 University of South Florida 10 Yale University

Pros of fall intake

  • A high availability of colleges and universities
  • A wide range of courses to choose from
  • Several scholarships and other financial aid opportunities

Cons of fall intake

  • Enormous competition
  • Accommodation arrangements can be tough due to high demand

2. Spring intake in USA

As mentioned in the previous section, the spring intake is the secondary intake season in the USA, as it gives students a second chance to seek admission to the desired university.

The spring intake witnesses the second-highest admissions annually and is a good opportunity for all those who missed admissions chances during the fall intake. The competition is less than the primary intake, and the application process is faster.

The spring intake will start in January 2024 and continue until April 2024. The application timeline for the same is from July 2023 to December 2023.

Top 10Ā Spring Intake Universities in USAĀ 

Sr no. University Sr no.Ā  University
1 Texas Tech University 6 Brown University
2 University of Kansas 7 New Jersey Institute of Technology
3 University of New Mexico 8 Oklahoma State University
4 Virginia Tech 9 Arizona State University
5 Cornell University 10 University of Florida

Pros of spring intake

  • A good availability of universities and courses
  • Many colleges offer lesser tuition fees
  • More time to prepare for the application process
  • Availability of cheaper accommodation options

Cons of spring intake

  • Lesser availability of courses and colleges
  • Fewer scholarship and internship opportunities
  • Limited accommodation options

3. Summer intake in USA

This intake season is least preferred by international students, due to the limited participation of universities in the admission process and the inadequacy of courses. So, this is when the country experiences the least admissions of international students.

If you are targeting top-notch universities and in-demand courses, MSM Unify consultants do not recommend you rely on this intake season. However, summer intake is a good choice for students who missed the first two intake seasons for some reason.

Top 10 Summer Intake Universities in USA

Sr no. University Sr no.Ā  University
1 University of Florida 6 University of Houston
2 Mississippi State University 7 Virginia State University
3 New York University 8 University of Nebraska-Lincoln
4 University of Texas at Dallas 9 The University of Texas at Austin
5 University of Illinois at Chicago 10 Southern Utah University

Pros of summer intake

  • A good opportunity for those who couldnā€™t make it in fall and spring intakes
  • Competition is cut down significantly

Cons of summer intake

  • Limited availability of courses and colleges
  • Restricted scholarship and internship opportunities
  • Expensive accommodation

Documents required to apply to US universities

The documents required to apply to US universities are typically the same despite the chosen intake season. So, students aspiring to secure admission to a recognized US university must arrange for the required documents on time. Here is the list!


  • Official degree transcripts
  • 10th and 12th official mark sheets
  • Provisional certificates for every academic year
  • Standardized test scores like GRE, GMAT, or SAT scores
  • English language proficiency proof like TOEFL or IELTS scorecard
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letter of recommendation (LOR)
  • Admission essay
  • Updated resume
  • VISA application
  • A valid passport
  • Photo Identity Card
  • Passport size photos
  • Extracurricular activities, internship, and project certificates (if any)
  • Evidence of financial support, including student loans, income proof in case of a co-applicant, etc.


Have all these documents in place to avoid hassles and complete the requisite process before the application deadline.Ā 

Timeline for USA intakes 2024

USA intakes are highly competitive compared to other study abroad destinations, irrespective of the intake season. So, you must start planning and preparing for the desired intake season at least a year in advance.

The expert consultants at MSM Unify can help you plan the perfect roadmap for your successful admission to the desired program and university. However, here’s a basic timeline that you can refer to get an idea of how and when you need to start preparing for the USA intakes.


12 months before Do thorough research and shortlist the universities offering courses of your choice.
8 to 9 months before Go through the program details of shortlisted universities, assess the key details, compare the program structures, and cherry-pick the best ones as per your requirements and preferences. Start preparing for entrance exams.
6 to 7 months before Start preparing for the application. Take the entrance exams, including the English proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL. Get all the requisite documents in place.
3 to 5 months before Receive offers from universities and apply to the best university from the available options. Also, proceed with VISA applications, and student loans, or explore other financial aids.Ā 
1 to 2 months before Pay the admission amount, start looking for accommodation, and make travel arrangements.

Final words

If you are determined to ace USA intakes and make it to a reputed college offering the desired course, you need to prepare yourself meticulously for the admission process. Expert admissions consultants at MSM Unify can help you find the best-fit course and university in the USA or any place across the world, and ace the admission process.

At MSM Unify, you can avail yourself of end-to-end personalized counseling, explore more than 50,000 courses across 1,400 + institutes globally, and make an informed decision. So, contact MSM Unify today and speak to our expert counselors!


1. Which is the primary intake in the USA?

The primary intake in the USA is the fall intake, which starts in September and lasts until December. This is the best time to explore maximum colleges and courses in the USA and avail yourself of the best scholarship opportunities.

2. How early should I start applying for the intakes in the USA?

It is recommended you start applying for the intakes in the USA around 12 months to 18 months in advance to meet application deadlines and ensure a seamless application process.

3. Can I apply to multiple intakes in the USA at the same time?

Applying to multiple intakes in the USA at the same time isnā€™t feasible as the application timeline for the different intakes varies. However, if the application timeline happens to coincide, applying to multiple intakes depends on the university guidelines.


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