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Top Things That You Should Not Bring to College

Top Things That You Should Not Bring to College 1
  1. High school shirts

We know how comfy and sentimental these pieces of clothing are. But you should rethink if these shirts are the ones you would like to wear while navigating through college. You’ll get many free T-shirts in your first week in college. Use this time to showcase your maturity and identity. Now is the time to discover new things, meet new friends, and introduce new ideas. So, what do you need to do? Leave that high school merch behind and find clothes that are fit for college.

  1. Tons of books

If you are a book lover and can’t imagine life without reading, you must learn that bringing your books is a big no. You might already be thinking of stacking your dorm with all your favorite books, but it is not ideal. During your stay in college, you will have less time to read those books. Besides, it is better to focus on your textbooks instead. You should also consider the space that these books will take up. So, try to choose a couple from your collection or read e-books. The less space they take up, the better.

  1. Coffeemaker

Are you sure you’re a student or a cafe barista? Bringing a coffee maker is not practical. Aside from taking up space and adding weight to your luggage, you would not need it as much as you might think. Coffee will be available within your reach—in your local coffee shop or school cafeteria. College campuses are well aware of their student’s needs, including your caffeine fix.

  1. A bunch of school supplies

Preparing for school is a good idea, but over-preparing isn’t. Before bringing random school supplies, you need to know if your professor prefers certain school supplies before letting yourself loose on preparations. Spend your money wisely and do not buy things that you might not use as often as others.

  1. Iron and ironing board

Do you think that you will be ironing all your shirts in college? We doubt it. Rather than bringing a spacious iron and ironing board, you must learn some techniques on this matter. Throw your clothes in the dryer with some ice cubes. Hang your clothes in your room to avoid shirt wrinkles. It is not worth the space if you will be using it only once a month.

College is the time for self-discovery and the discovery of new things. Leave all those unnecessary stuff at home and fill the space with college-relevant ones.

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