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Ways on How To Adjust to College Life

Ways on How to Adjust to College Life.

Moving in

Moving in is a tiring task. From organizing and labeling things, packing items in your bag, to the actual moving-in in your dorm.

There are no perfect roommates. Consider yourself lucky if you get one that is good to live with and is a clean freak.

  1. Note that packing is the most consuming task so you must start to pack early to avoid stress.
  2. Bring your family and/or friends with you to help you move in. There are a lot of boxes to carry and your family would be helpful enough to carry them.
  3. Get to know your roommates. Know their names, basic details, and get their contact number for future use.


Attending your first class in college can be awkward. You’ll feel as if eyes are stuck on you, waiting for you to do something wrong. But it’s okay, everyone feels the same.

On the first day, make sure to bring a pen and paper. You’ll never know if your professor will start the class syllabus or give a quiz. Also, invest in planners as this may be a lifesaver if you have a lot of classes requiring essays or readings, quizzes, and essays, all at the same time.

Orientation days are held by schools for first-comers to be properly welcomed on the campus. You’re also bound to be familiarized with buildings where your classes are. Ask for directions from other students or staff if you can’t find your class.

  1. Always bring the school essentials: pen, paper, and notes.
  2. Be familiar with your classes.
  3. Maximize your campus social life. Attend orientations and events that are for new students.
  4. Silence your phone or put it in “Do Not Disturb” mode while in class.

General Advice

Once you get into your school of choice, you will now be embarking on a whole new set of experiences. Trust us, it will be an eye-opening and memorable journey.

  1. Learn the ways of living in college. Know where textbooks are best to buy, where you can eat your lunch, or what facilities you can maximize during your stay.
  2. College is the first step to being a full-grown adult. You’ll have to get used to doing laundry and buying groceries. So, learn these things before getting into college if you don’t know how yet.
  3. Manage your time wisely. Arrange your dues so that you won’t have trouble with submissions.
  4. Look for a study space beside your room. A quiet and relaxing space to vent out your stresses or study for a long test would be best for you.

We understand that adjusting is never easy. Follow these tips to help ease yourself from this process. We trust that you’ll get used to it quickly.

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