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Dining Hall Healthy Eating Tips for College Students

Dining Hall Healthy Eating Tips for College Students

Dining Hall Healthy Eating Tips for College Students
Pasted Image 0Everything is evolving, even the food at school, especially in college. From cafeteria-style dining, it is slowly becoming more of a cruise-ship style with lots of a la carte options in different portions.

Macaroni and cheese, brownies, apple, name it–you more likely had it in your high school canteen. But as the dining hall experience develops, it can be tempting to not stay on diet and just eat whatever looks yummy on the menu.

But we are here to guide you on your healthy intake. Below are some tips to keep the extra pounds off.

Fat is good

Did you think that fat is unhealthy? Well, most times, it can be beneficial. Fat is a vital part of a healthy diet, even for those losing weight. Adding some fat to your meal will make you feel satiated. So, instead of choosing a fat-free yogurt, why not try the low-fat ones?

This is why you easily get hungry when you eat an almost full-carbohydrate meal. Fat is not your enemy. Fat helps you feel full after eating and fat is what makes food taste good as well. Take some fat and limit the intake. Go for healthy fats in fish, nuts, and plant oils.

Put fruit and veggies in everything

Instead of Oreos, you should try adding watermelon or grapes to your yogurt. Add cucumber slices to your water to make you feel more refreshed after drinking. If you want some flavor in your water, put fruit and veggies to sweeten it. Have fun with your fruit and vegetables as this goes well with almost everything, also mentioning that it helps you intake much healthier food.

Rethink dessert

If you need something sweet to complete your meal, try opting for fruit. Dessert doesn’t always mean hitting up the froyo or the chocolate bar machine.

Fruit is almost the same as your favorite dessert and more importantly, gives you natural fiber to keep your digestion running smoothly while supplying you with the needed vitamins and minerals.

Mix options

The dining hall is accepting requests from the students. Just be creative on the options that you will be doing. When you are given a banana, try to mix it up with peanut butter and honey in a bowl. Or ask for a marinara sauce when you get grilled chicken. Mixing and matching your food makes your food a more nutritional and appetizing one.

Keep it fresh

It may seem a small thing but the vegetables from the salad bar are more nutritious than those buttery veggie sides matched with the entree. Choosing the salad bar guarantees that your veggies are fresh. It also makes you in control of your calories and fat intake.

Moreover, it is a good idea to go for the undressed fruits and vegetables as these are more beneficial. Juices and smoothies can be removed from your options and pick a whole fruit or vegetable instead.

There are more ways how to keep a healthy lifestyle while studying. Even though school may keep you busy, just remember to not skip your meals.

Follow more healthy tips on how you can get onboard to school by reading our articles here at MSM Unify.


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