Top Museums in Switzerland to Visit

Top Museums in Switzerland to Visit


Switzerland may be famous for its nature, especially its mountains. When one thinks of the country, one can easily remember the Swiss Alps. No wonder the Swiss love sports, especially outdoor sports. 

However, what if you are more of an indoors type of person and your version of having fun is through quiet activities such as visiting a museum? 

Fortunately, Switzerland has more than a thousand museums across the country that you can visit. The country has historical, archaeological, art, and more niched museums you can choose from. 

Here are some of the top museums in Switzerland you should visit. 

Landesmuseum at Zurich

The Landesmuseum or the Swiss National Museum at Zurich traces the history and development of Swiss civilization. 

The museum’s collection includes artifacts from its prehistory to the modern age. There are also artifacts and mementos from the different empires in Europe, from the Roman and Carolingian empires to the Renaissance. The museum also has a collection of Swiss clocks, another thing that the Swiss are famous for throughout history. 

In case you love armor and want to see old clothes used by Swiss people in the past, the museum has them too. It even has folk costumes distinguishing Switzerland’s different cantons. 

Museum of Communication at Bern

Aside from giving explanations on why humans communicate and what is required for us to understand each other, this museum also traces how people have been keeping in touch through the ages. 

Thus, visitors are exposed to how the technology of communication has developed through the years. In addition, there are a lot of interactive zones, and exhibits divided into different zones, devoted to the many aspects of communication. 

This museum is open and can be fun for everyone from students to adults. It even got the Council of Europe Museum Prize award in 2019. 

Einstein Haus at Bern 

Bern is where one of the most famous scientists of all time, Albert Einstein, developed his theory of relativity. He stayed there for two years. 

The original place where Einstein, along with his wife, Mileva, and son, Hans Albert had lived during their time in Bern can be visited by the public. Here, you get to have a glimpse of their personal lives and learn more personal information about Einstein and his family. Aside from the rooms of the house, there’s also a room that showcases the great scientist’s biography and life’s work. 

Fondation Beyeler at Basel

In 1952, husband and wife Ernst and Hildy Beyeler started acquiring modern paintings to decorate their home. Fast forward to now, their collection is now known as one of Switzerland’s greatest private art collections. 

The Foundation Beyeler, which you can find in the suburbs of Basel, houses the works of many renowned artists of the world. From Warhol, Pollock, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, and so on.

Overall, the museum houses over 400 classic modern and contemporary artworks, which are accessible to the public. 

Aside from these for museums in Switzerland, other museums which are not discussed above but are still worth visiting also include the following: 

  • Museum Rietberg at Zurich 
  • Musee d’Ethnographie at Geneva, and
  • Platforme 10 at Lausanne 

Learn more information and tips about living and studying in Switzerland by checking our articles at MSM Unify. For example, if you want to learn more about Swiss culture, check out our articles about Swiss etiquette here at MSM Unify.


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