Top 4 Places To Visit in Berthold Centre in St. Petersburg

Top 4 Places To Visit in Berthold Centre in St. Petersburg.

Known as a creative space in St. Petersburg, the Berthold Centre offers a wide variety of leisure activities and places that you can visit. It has a large courtyard that is surrounded by independent businesses, all of which are unique.

As international students, being in a new environment could be overwhelming, so visiting a couple of establishments could help you cope with it. Bring along your newfound friends and enjoy a nice slice of pizza in one of the shops in Berthold, or try a nice cup of coffee to relieve the cold.

With that said, here are four places in Berthold Centre that you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

Oversized Pizza Club

If you are a pizza lover or enthusiast, then you might want to take a look at Berthold pizza club. They offer oversized pizza, challenging their customers to gobble a large amount of food in one go.

The club can be found at the back of the courtyard, and a single look could make you overwhelmed by the sizes they offer. Accompanying the cozy atmosphere and unusual food is the deliciousness of every bite.

Their pizzas are also vegan-friendly. In addition, they offer a variety of Italian, European, and Central European dishes for everyone to try.

Redishka Shop

This cool little shop offers handmade souvenirs, perfect for a gift to someone or just a little trinket you want to keep for yourself. They have all sorts of products to offer, one of which is artisan coffee. If you’re ever considering giving a unique, on-trend, gift to someone, then the shop is perfect for your needs.

They have accessories, clothes, cosmetics, and all sorts of trinkets that would make one interested. And the shop is open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, so visit their shop whenever you are free.

Laboratorio Distilita

The Laboratorio Distilita is a small distillery, offering a variety of vodka and spirits. In addition to these drinks, the distillery also has an amazing menu of foods that can accompany a drink on specific occasions.

Their menu ranges from Russian classics, such as salad okroshka, to Italian specialties like risotto. A number of their customers have complimented the distillery’s food in addition to stating that their drinks are unique and pique their interests. 

Stim Coffee

Stim coffee was established in November 2016 and offers 10 special cheesecakes along with their unique coffee. They are found on the left side of the Berthold courtyard, located towards the back. 

They don’t add syrups to their coffee, believing that the best coffee can taste good on its own. Instead of Americano, they offer a filter. As for their cheesecakes, they are prepared with natural ingredients, which made their syrniki very popular in Russia.

Want to see more places while you study in St. Petersburg, Russia? Check out our list of budget-friendly places you can visit in Russia here at MSM Unify. 


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