The Pros and Cons of Studying in a Big Public University

The Pros and Cons of Studying in a Big Public University

One of the many things that excite a student going to college is the opportunity of a brand new start. From meeting new people, experiencing tons of firsts, and learning about the subject that interests you.

But this depends on the type of school you plan to go to, may it be small, large, public, or private. Here are some things for you to expect if you chose to attend a big and public university:

The Pros

Big public universities mean larger and wider chances in social, collaborative, and academic aspects.

Being in a big public institution will not hinder you from staying true to yourself as many people will be around you. You will learn and understand each other’s differences. Rebrand yourself as much as you want to. College is your chance to show what you are capable of.

Tuition in such public schools is funded by the government and is usually cheaper than private ones.

Generally offering a much broader curriculum, public universities make sure to give you a wide range of choices that match your interests. Tons of minors and majors subjects can be taken from such universities.

Big universities have a strong school spirit. Even these competitive sports teams attract students to enroll in that school. Football, soccer, basketball, or any sports known to that school, help in bringing the students together.

Campus life in big universities is unmatched. There are a lot of activities, events, and organizations for you to get involved in. You have the opportunity to maximize your college experience through honor societies, clubs, and Greek life. Activities here include cultural days, theatre performances, choir and dance exhibitions, balls, and more.

The Cons

The disadvantages of big public universities may be a blessing or a curse depending on how you do your time there. Since there are plenty of things involved, it can get overwhelming at times.

Everyone deals with FOMO (fear of missing out), especially for freshman students. You might feel like you’re missing out on everything since a lot is going on in the university. But the truth is, you are not missing much. It is understandable to get this feeling but try to learn what ways that best suit you.

Having a big campus can be a downside for you if you let it be. General education classes are normally discussed in big halls with hundreds of other students and it can get difficult to raise questions. If this is a problem, try to talk to your professor after the class or initiate a group study with your classmates. Appreciate the diverse opportunities you can get from such learning methods.

Getting lost is an obvious struggle when it comes to big public institutions. But you will get used to it. Ask for directions from senior students or familiarize your school map. They will be helpful tools to teach you the ways at the school.

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