The Benefits of Choosing a Safety School

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A college is considered a safe school if you are likely to get accepted into the school. It usually has a high acceptance rate and the admission is based on the student’s academic profile. A safety school is a school you can trust that will accept you.

While you received acceptance letters from your dream or target schools, you might want to consider landing in a safety school. Here are some reasons why you should:

It may be more affordable

The majority of safety schools are usually public in-state or community colleges that normally have a lower cost of attendance. Institutional scholarships can even help you ease your financial burden. Also, you can spend less on rent and transportation if your safety school happens to be close to home.

Research your listed safety school’s net price and financial assistance offer to get you started.

You’ll most likely be ahead of other students

Typically, students who apply at safety schools believe that they are a shoo-in for a spot. They are usually what these safety colleges find and what’s great is these students will be a great contribution to the campus. Thus, they almost always receive that acceptance letter.

Since you are an above-average student, you will have an easier time impressing your professors. You will have an edge on other students in terms of classes that may be complex. Being a smart student in an often overlooked college can give you plenty of opportunities when you graduate. You are also likely to be on the Dean’s list and the honors group.

There will be less stress

Picking a safety school comes with much lighter baggage. Sure, college majors are generally difficult but for you, you will find these majors slightly easier. Attending a class in a reputable school can certainly be stressful but when you are in a safe school, you will be more relaxed. You will soon realize that a safety school is less competitive than the others, not to mention the laid-back atmosphere it brings.

You applied for a reason

Your final college decision is entirely up to you. Even if you chose a safety school because you have more chances to be accepted, it is not the only reason you applied. Maybe you selected a safety school due to its cost, distance, location, programs, and others. But these are just contributing factors to your final decision.

You have to remember that you can always try to get into another school as well. You might just be surprised how entering a safety school was the best choice you’ve made. In fact, at this point, a lot of students rank safety schools higher on their priority list.

Just because it was a ‘safety school’ doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Learn more tips on how you can pick the perfect college by reading our articles here at MSM Unify.


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