Studyperth Welcomes International Students via New Student Hub

MSM Unify StudyPerth Welcomes International Students via New Student Hub

As the world continues to open its borders after a two-year battle with COvID-19, StudyPerth likewise opens its doors to international students from around the world via the newly established Student Hub. 

The Student  Hub, as the name suggests, is a place where international students are welcomed into a place of work, pay, and growth. It features a host of facilities that allow students to learn, work, and grow as individuals. 

For starters, it features study spaces where international students can research, review, and essentially get schoolwork done in a conducive environment. There are likewise facilities that offer access to a wide range of resources that they need for their papers and other school requirements. 

Beyond school, however, the Student Hub also has services that help them build their network and eventually, their career. It is home to a diverse cultural mix of international students from across the globe. This means they can interact with people from different cultural backgrounds, allowing them to have a broader perspective of the world and of life itself. 

Apart from this, there are career support services, in cooperation with the Western Australian government, as well as other government agencies that promote job creation and placement. 

More than just developing the students’ study and work potential, the Student Hub also looks after the international students’ wellbeing. There are counseling and support services that help individuals cope with being away from home. These are available both virtually and at the facility. 

And yes, a kitchen and other facilities help promote not only well-balanced nutrition but camaraderie as it allows everyone to come together and develop friendships and networking.  It’s about allowing one to grow as an individual and with the support of their newfound friends. 

The StudyPerth Student Hub was originally opened in 2020 as a space that welcomed international students and those who could not go home due to border restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, it has grown to become a place that not only welcomes students or be their support system but also to help develop a well-rounded individual ready to take on life’s challenges and what the world has in store for them.

Moreover, the Student Hub, together with StudyPerth, aims to make the city a top choice for international study destinations. 

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