Studying in the UK? Here are the Top 7 Places to Visit in England

Studying in the UK Here are the Top 7 Places to Visit in England 1

England boasts a gentle beauty. It’s the planet’s cradle of calm fields and incredible historical icons.

For many international students, England is a premier student destination. Apart from its unrivaled quality of life and education, it offers plenty more. From extraordinary parks to stunning museums, the country will delight you with awe.

If you seek more of what England has to offer, consider traveling on your study breaks. Here are the top seven places to visit in England, United kingdom that foreign students will enjoy:

The Eden Project

Want to explore amazing rainforest biomes in Cornwall? The Eden Project is more than just an eco-part. It’s also a reservoir of fantastic flora and fauna, and fun educational tours.

The Eden Project is a sprawling botanical garden that houses colossal greenhouses. These incredible domes enclose abundant plant life including artificial biomes.

Aside from the gardens, you can also enjoy activities within the site. You can book a picnic or try their famous zip wire for that adrenaline rush.


If you’re in for a prehistoric excursion, the Stonehenge in Salisbury is a spectacular sight. Traveling to Stonehenge is like going back in time, with a modern-day flair.¬†

You need to book a timed ticket early to see the iconic Stonehenge monuments. There are also audio-visual exhibits and tours around Neolithic Houses.

Chester Zoo

Before your trip down to royal palaces, explore the animal kingdom first. Chester Zoo pulses with bountiful wildfire and exotic creatures on the planet.

Housing over 11,000 animals, Chester Zoo is a great place for fun and learning. The Zoo also has gardens and galleried walkways to visit. Chester Zoo is located in Cheshire, England.

Tower of London

Ever been to a palace that has also been a prison? The Tower of London’s transformations throughout history is a thrill ride on its own.

The Tower of London is a World Heritage site that houses the famous White Tower. Many exhibitions of crown jewels and Yeoman Warder Tours take place here. 

The British Museum

The British Museum in London is a treasure vault of astonishing artifacts. If you want to view various art pieces and treasures from around the globe, you can find them here.

The British Museum boasts one of the largest Egyptian collections in the world. It also houses the world-famous Rosetta Stone.

Lake District

You can lounge by crystal-clear lakes with a picturesque view of the sky in the Lake District. In this destination, lakes embrace wide green fields, making it a nice picnic spot. 

Jurassic Coast

The captivating beauty of Jurassic Coast will make you scream in delight. This place also takes roots in history as the first World Heritage Site in England.

Around the coast, you can find various fossils and rocks dating over 180 years back. You’ll also see its famous limestone arch called the Durdle Door.

Exploring England’s quaint destinations is a fun way to get to know the country’s history. Are you planning to study in England? Check out our stories here at MSM Unify to find more blogs like this. 


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