Study in the UK After 10th & 12th for Indian Students

Study in UK after 10th 12th for Indian students

Studying in the UK after 10th or 12th grade in India is a popular option for many students. It has been recorded that 140,000 Indian students prefer to study in the UK in the year 2022. The UK offers a wide range of educational opportunities and a diverse cultural experience. At UK universities, there are more than 65,000 course options, some of which offer better job chances for graduates once they complete their degrees than others. 

Top programs to study in the UK for Indian students after the 12th


Top Universities

Average Fees

Business Analytics

● Imperial College London

● The University of Manchester

● The University of Warwick

● The University of Edinburgh

£18,000 – £29,500

Management (MBA and MIM)

● London Business School

● Oxford University

● Cambridge University

● Imperial College London

£40,000 to £1,00,000

Information Technology and Computer Science

● King’s College London

● University of Oxford

● University College London

● Imperial College London

£19,000 – £40,000


● University of Oxford

● University of Cambridge

● Imperial College London

● King’s College London

£22,000 – £52,000


● The University of Liverpool

● University of Edinburgh

● University of Glasgow

● University of Bradford

£16,000 – £30,000

Studying abroad in the UK after 10th

The United Kingdom is renowned for offering world-class education, which offers pathway programs specifically tailored for students looking to pursue higher education after completing 10th grade. One of the most attractive options for students is the foundation year, which enables students to complete their remaining high school education while also gaining direct entry into their desired undergraduate program at the same university.

UK Universities Offering Pathway Programs

  • Birmingham City University
  • Brunel University London
  • Coventry University
  • Kingston University, London
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • Robert Gordon University
  • Swansea University
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • University of Huddersfield
  • University of Leicester 
  • University of Plymouth
  • University of Portsmouth


Pathway programs in UK universities are designed for international students who wish to study in the UK after completing 10th grade. These programs can range from one to two years in duration and prepare students for undergraduate studies at their chosen university

How to Apply for Undergraduate Programs in the UK?

When applying for undergraduate studies at UK universities, keep in mind that different colleges and universities may have varying application deadlines. However, the following are some general deadlines that students should track:-

Mid-October of the previous year

This deadline is typically for students applying to medicine-related courses, such as veterinary and dentistry, as well as some universities like Oxford and Cambridge.


This is the most common deadline for most undergraduate courses at universities across the UK


Some art and design courses may have a deadline in March

End of June

A late deadline for students who missed the previous deadlines

While applying for UK universities, students are required to submit a few essential documents. The list for the same is mentioned below.

  •     Academic transcripts.
  •     Completed application form
  •     Application fees
  •     Student permit for UK or visa application
  •     SOP
  •     Essay
  •     GPA, GMAT, or GRE scores
  •     Work Experience
  •     Standardized tests
  •     LOR
  •     Proof of financial availability
  •     CV/ resume.
  •     Immigration documents.
  •     English proficiency test scores.

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Study abroad in UK after 10th with  scholarship

International students are offered various scholarships to study in the UK for their respective countries. These are some of the scholarships for Indian students doing different programs in the UK.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships: Students pursuing a Ph.D. or research program can receive these scholarships. Different types of Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships offer comprehensive tuition, accommodation, and even international awards. Additionally, Ph.D. students receive up to £ 10,000 (~ INR 10.32,000) in the final year.

 Saltire Scholarships: These scholarships are offered by the Scottish Government and Scottish universities. International students in the fields of science, technology, renewable and clean energy, creative industries, healthcare, and medicine are eligible for this scholarship. Scholarships are limited to certain countries including India, Pakistan, United States, Japan, China, and Canada. In one academic year, 50 people are eligible for Saltire Scholarships, each worth £ 8,000 (approx.

Felix Scholarship: The sole purpose of this merit-based and needs-based scholarship is to provide full financial support to disadvantaged UK students from 21 developing countries including India. Each year around 20 people receive these scholarships from the University of Oxford, the University of Reading, and the School of Oriental and African Studies. The basic requirement to qualify for the Felix Scholarship is a degree from a recognized university or college and a recommendation from this institution.

Inlaks Scholarship: The scholarship is offered to deserving international students from various disciplines.  The scholarship covers tuition, living expenses, airfare, and travel expenses. The reward amount is variable and can go up to £ 72,000 (~ 74.16 lakhs INR)

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Undergraduate degrees in the UK typically take three years to complete full-time. Some degrees such as in engineering, architecture, and some other subjects may take 4 years to complete. Some students may choose to take a sandwich course, which includes a year of work experience, which makes the degree last for four years. Study in the UK after 10th or 12th for Indian students is an excellent opportunity to pursue higher education in some of the world’s top universities. With a wide range of courses, universities, and program options, students can find a program that aligns with their interests and career goals

Can I study in the UK after 10th?

Generally, students need to complete class 12th to pursue higher education in the UK. However, there are still some foundational and pathway programs that students can pursue in the UK after 10th standard. These programs can help students get into their desired programs.

Which courses are best to study after 12th in the UK?

With a great employment rate of 75.7% the UK offers a plethora of opportunities to international students. Still courses like Medicine, Law, Business administration and Health science offer very good annual salaries hence, a lot of students prefer to study these courses in the UK.

How much does it cost to study in the UK after 12th?

The cost of studying in the UK after completing 12th grade (high school) can vary widely depending on several factors, including the university and course chosen by the candidate. The tuition fees range from around £10,000 to £30,000 or more per year for undergraduate programs . Medicine and other specialized courses may have higher tuition fees.


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