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Student Services In Ireland That International Students Should Know About

Student Services In Ireland That International Students Should Know About

Student Services In Ireland That International Students Should Know About

For many people, studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime decision they choose to do due to the many benefits and opportunities it can open, especially for one’s career. However, not everything about studying abroad is perfect, and although studying abroad can be fun, there might be times when staying abroad can be difficult. 

Ireland, a popular study destination due to having one of the best education systems in the world, also offers students various support services, in case students face some problems while in the country. 

Here are some of the student services in Ireland that international students can access if they need assistance during their stay. 

The Irish Council for International Students (ICOS)

ICOS has been around since 1970. Since its establishment, ICOS has been one of the leading bodies promoting the rights and welfare of international students in Ireland. Aside from giving support to students, ICOS also gives support to college staff that works closely with these students. 

Moreover, ICOS works with different stakeholders such as its member institutions, government agencies, and student organizations to ensure that the rights of the students are upheld, including getting quality education and services.

Aside from promoting international students’ rights, ICOS also gives various support services, such as giving international students advice and information, in various situations related to being international students in Ireland, and giving training and networking events for its members. 

Your Institution’s Students’ Union 

Most higher educational institutions (HEIs) in Ireland have their own students’ union, in charge of representing the students, through its officers and committees. Unions help students have a greater voice in the governing of their institution, and even in the national education policies to push for the greater welfare of students. 

Aside from being the voice of students, Student Unions also offer support services to students. 

International students are usually given a Students’ Union Handbook, showing the different services their institution’s Union offers, including useful information about college life. Some of those services may include giving advice or assistance in personal matters including, mental health and someone’s academic progression. Unions also help students look for accommodations, part-time jobs, tutoring services, and so on. 

International Office 

HEIs accepting international students have their own international office whose specific role is to assist international students, from practical issues related to adjusting to life in Ireland, and more school-related issues, such as ways to maintain or increase their grades. Aside from giving international students advice, the international office can help to connect the student to various organizations or school departments that can help them the most. For example, if the student is looking for organizations to help them fund their studies, the international office can give suggestions or connect them with the right groups. 

Careers Office 

Careers Office usually gives advice or answer students’ questions on anything related to their future careers. This includes courses they should take, advisers and mentors they can tap to help them become better at their field, and other information they need. Careers office can also advise students who are looking for jobs, or training. 

This list shows the top student services in Ireland that are the most useful for international students, in any kind of situation, including their future careers. 

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