Scholarship options for Indian Students to Study in the UK

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Trailing next to the USA, the United Kingdom holds a coveted spot as one of the leading countries to study overseas. For Indian international students seeking a top-notch education with a global reputation, choosing the UK for their further education may be the ideal option. However, the cost of studying in the UK can reach £40,000 per year, which includes both the tuition charge and living expenses.

To lessen the financial pressure on international students, institutions in London and other organizations offer thousands of scholarships. International students can apply for grants and scholarships in the UK for Indian students in the UK that are given based on merit, needs of the student, or the subject.

Along with scholarships, most UK universities offer tuition fee reductions to students who make their initial deposits before the due date. Most merit-based scholarships are quite competitive. To be considered, you must submit a well-thought-out application.

If you are on the lookout for scholarships for Indian students to study in UK, you’re in the right place. Check out this article as we guide you through the intakes, criteria, and scholarships.

Intakes for UK Scholarships

If you are applying for a scholarship in the UK, it is vital that you know when they accept applications. Below are the minor and major intakes for UK scholarships:

  • Major intake: September
  • Minor Intake: January, February, March, July, and November


Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students to Apply for UK Scholarships

One of the most crucial steps in enrolling in a program to study abroad is to do thorough research on the country and university where you intend to pursue a college education.

Scholarships centered on country, program, course, institution, or region may be available to Indian students. Also, students may apply for grants or scholarships funded by the government and those offered by many organizations.

The following are the general requirements for scholarships to study in the UK for Indian students:

  • The student must be an Indian national.
  • The student‚Äôs tertiary education must have been completed in the English language.
  • The student must have a strong academic background is required.

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Top Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in the UK

There are numerous UK scholarships for Indian students that you can be awarded upon studying there. Below are just a few of them.

Chevening Scholarships

The Chevening Scholarship is a global scholarship program administered by the UK government that provides financial aid to intellectually gifted individuals who have demonstrated leadership abilities and excelled in their fields. It pays for students’ tuition, costs of living, and travel costs. Students may submit applications for this scholarship if they wish to enroll in a one-year master’s program in the UK.

Also, keep in mind that these scholarships have complete funding. The following programs are not eligible for this scholarship:

  • Part-time
  • Distance learning
  • Ph.D. or DPhil programs
  • Programs lasting fewer than nine months or more than twelve months
  • Taught programs requiring more than one month of study outside of the UK

Rhodes Scholarship

Promising young students from all over the globe can study at the University of Oxford thanks to the Rhodes Scholarship, a fully funded, full-time postgraduate scholarship. For at least two years, Rhodes Scholars reside in the UK. Oxford University offers full-time postgraduate courses that these scholars are eligible to apply for.

The actual stipend as well as the tuition at Oxford University are covered by this scholarship. It can also cover living costs. In fact, the stipend for 2021‚Äď2022 was ¬£17,310 annually.

Following the scholarship acceptance, the Rhodes Trust will pay for two round-trip flights in economy, the student visa, the application fee, and the accompanying international health surcharge.

Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships

In Dr. Singh’s memory, St. John’s College has established the Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships. With the help of these grants, gifted and talented Indian students will be able to enroll in Ph.D. programs in disciplines like science and technology, economics, and social sciences at St. John’s College, University of Cambridge.

Applications in the fields of energy studies and aerospace engineering will be prioritized. Academic fees, foreign flights, a monthly stipend to help with living expenses, and a UK visa are all entirely covered by the scholarships.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship

Students from Commonwealth nations can apply for scholarships and fellowships through the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK. This fellowship is open to all Indian students who are planning to complete a master’s or Ph.D. in the UK. Tuition, airfare, and maintenance costs are all supported by this scholarship.

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission provides the following types of awards: 

  • Commonwealth Professional Fellowships
  • Commonwealth Ph.D. Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

Students must submit their applications through a university, a non-profit organization, a national nominating agency, or a non-governmental organization.

The UK is a great place for international education. Visit MSM Unify to find out more about living costs, programs, universities, and even undergraduate scholarships for Indian students in the UK.

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