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Recreational Activities To Do in Ireland

Recreational Activities in Ireland For International Students

Ireland is proof that big things come in small packages. Don’t let this tiny island fool you with its quant attractions and humble sites. This European gem offers an impressive slew of fun, recreational activities to do.¬†

As an international student, recreational activities should be a part of your regimen. It’s a way to use your free time to unwind and absorb the best of Ireland. Moreover, it’s a healthy way to keep you on track with your mental well-being.

Ireland is sure to captivate with its stupendous charm, making you carve for ways to enjoy it. If you want to make your stay worthwhile, here are some recreational activities you must try:

Plunge in the Waters at Harbour Splash Aqua Park

Can you think of a better way to beat the summer heat than visiting an inflatable water park? Harbour Splash is the most incredible summer getaway you can imagine. 

Here you can enjoy obstacle courses as you sway over the gentle push of Dun Laoghaire harbor. On your summer break, make sure to add Harbour Splash at the top of your list.

Climb a Tree at Rock Park Slane

Rock Park Slane is a site embraced by an expansive pasture beyond a grove of chestnut, sycamore, and oak. The park’s ethos lies in ecotourism activities, with a picturesque backdrop of nature.

If you want to ascend towards the sky’s limit, tree climbing is a good place to start. Don’t worry about your safety as you’ll get strong harnesses and a team of professionals to guide you.¬†

Go Karting at Kiltorcan Raceway

Thirsty for an ounce of thrill and adrenaline? Quench with the gift of speed on the race tracks of the Kiltorcan Raceway!

You can enjoy sprint sessions in their circuits for the ultimate go-karting adventure. Kiltorcan Raceway also offers a Grand Prix, a 30-minute match where one must rank first to win.

Hit the Bull’s Eye at Redhills Adventure

Redhills Adventure offers the perfect opportunity to unleash the archer in you. This farm turned adventure center offers a range of outdoor excursions for thrill-seekers.

Archery is one of the best things to try at Redhills Adventure. Shooting arrows is enough to pack your day with great action.

Take a Canoe in Lough Derg Blueway

Get into the heart of the Irish landscape through a canoe ride around Lough Derg Blueway.  Here, your trip will consist of activity trails running from Tipperary to Galway.

If you can’t get enough of the idyllic blue of Irish waters, paddling in a canoe is a great start. Don’t forget to plan your trip with enough paddling practice before hopping on.

Take a Trip to Slieve League Cliffs Centre

Slieve League cliffs are Ireland’s highest tallest sea cliffs. It boasts a staggering height of 1,972 feet – twice the height of the Eiffel Tower!

Getting to the Slieve League cliffs is easy both by walking and by car. Your trip will surely be worth it with the stunning view at the top of the cliff.

Ireland offers endless fun and recreational activities to both locals and foreign students. Read more of our stories here at MSM Unify to discover more of the unmatched beauty of Ireland.


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