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Questions For You To Start Your College Search

Common Questions About Associate Degrees

The question is: where should you start? Here are questions for you to ask yourself.

What programs does your college offer?

Colleges offer various programs and it will be best if you choose an institution that offers the programs that match your interests. If you are still unsure about your major, you can go for a general field based on your strengths.

Meanwhile, if you have thought of a career and are still unsure about pursuing it, learn how you can make this your major. Gather information from other people in the profession and ask what and where they studied.

Which colleges accept students academically similar to you?

While it is important to enjoy the extracurriculars in your high school, it is much more important to know what your goals in college are. Always remember that you attended your school to boost your academic profile. This will be used along with your GPA and test scores to help you be accepted into college. If you have pretty bad grades, now is the time to make them good.

Consider a good academic fit college while being realistic about where you are more likely to get admitted.

How important is the price to you?

Research the school’s tuition fees and compare their net price. Note that the net price is the sticker price (college’s published cost of attendance) less the scholarships and grants you have.

It is also important to remember that an expensive school may not be the right fit for you. An affordable college may be the one that will help you pursue your study while not breaking your bank. Also, avoid ruling out private colleges due to the expectation of high cost.

What do you want your college to look like?

Sure, a school offers you the programs you are interested in but are you comfortable learning and coexisting in the environment?

You need to imagine as if you’re at your chosen college. What factors do you consider? Do you want a big or small college? Will you be growing on this type of campus?

Below are some other questions that may be useful for you:

  • How many people are in your graduating class?
  • Where do you live? In the city or the country?
  • Do most of the students live in dorms or off-campus?
  • Is the school religious?
  • How diverse is the student population?
  • How far is the school from home?
  • Are there recreation facilities available?

There is no correct answer to these. And probably no college matches all of your preferences, so you need to think about which one to adjust and cross out. Keep your answers in mind and use these in your search.

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