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Pearson PTE and Myriad Collaborate to Help UK-bound Postgraduate Students

Pearson PTE and Myriad Collaborate to Help UK-bound Postgraduate Students


The newly launched Myriad app that looks to assist UK-bound postgraduate international students has just partnered with English assessment test provider Pearson PTe to include Myriad English as one of the app’s major features.

Launched in February, the app features a host of services to help postgraduate international students who are heading to the United Kingdom. These services include research on courses, admissions, student accommodations, and student loans, just to name a few. 

With Pearson PTe as its new partner, the Myriad app via Myriad English now allows non-native speaking international students to research about and learn English while preparing for their international education journey to the UK.

This makes English language preparation and testing more easily accessible to international students. This would be a huge help, particularly for non-native English speakers searching for quality reviews and testing for their journey to the UK. 

Moreover, the app will allow them to schedule that much-needed English assessment test for free. It has been estimated that around 200,000 international students went to the UK to pursue their postgraduate studies in the year 2021 alone.

Thanks to the new partnership, it looks like more international students will be able to pursue their postgraduate studies in the country with greater confidence as they now have aid to hurdle that English assessment test–a major requirement for study, particularly postgraduate study, in the UK. 

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