Must-Visit Parks in New Zealand for Students

Must Visit Parks in New Zealand for Students 1

All of New Zealand’s regional parks are fantastic places to visit. Here is a list of regional parks that are a must-visit as a student.Ā 

Queen Elizabeth Park Kapiti Coast

The Kapiti Coast is a very breathtaking place situated in the Wellington region. The park is steeped in history and comprises the final stretch of natural dunes on the Kapiti Coast. If you’re seeking a great location to camp, this spot checks all the boxes. The Tramway Museum is located in the park, which also includes nice picnic spaces, walking routes, cycling, and horseback riding trails.

Awhitu Regional Park

The park, which opened in 1975, is still a working farm with grassland pastures, wetlands, peaceful sandy beaches, and some amazing picnic and BBQ sites. For those who prefer a little more comfort, there are camping facilities as well as a lodge. The Auckland Council website has a complete list of regional parks in Auckland.

Queenā€™s Park Invercargill

Queen’s Park is one of two regional parks in Southland and is a wonderful beauty. The 81-hectare park sits in the heart of Invercargill and is regarded as one of the country’s most important parks. You should set aside at least a couple of hours to see everything the park has to offer. Locals and visitors alike like the 4km fitness track, which is a wonderful place to get your daily exercise fix. If golf is more your thing, there is an 18-hole course within the park. Beautiful flowers, a nice playground for the kids, and an abundance of wildlife can all be also found here.

Waimakariri River Regional Park

Waimakariri River Regional Park spans 15,000 hectares of land and river and is jam-packed with adventure activities. Fishing, mountain biking, strolling, horseback riding, and other activities are included. There are many different sites to explore within the park. Horseback riders flock to Baynons Brake, mountain bikers and pedestrians flock to McLeans Parkmotocross, nature lovers flock to Templars Island, and riders and kayakers flock to Kaiapoi Island.Ā 

Duder Regional Park

Duder Regional Park is located on the Whakakaiwhara Peninsula, about an hour’s drive from Auckland’s central business district. Popular walks include the Farm Loop to the old Maori Pa (defensive village) and the coastal trails to the beaches. Viewpoint points, farming structures, mountain biking trails points, and horseback riding are also available.

New Zealand is a fun country to explore, from education, food, to tourist sites. Discover more about the country through MSM Unify.


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