Most Affordable Universities in Spain for International Students

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As a study destination, Spain has amazing offerings that outshine most study destinations around the globe.

For starters, did you know that Spain has the lowest cost of living in Western Europe? It even offers a quality of life that can rival global giants such as the US.

Spain also takes the cake when it comes to affordable universities. The country is home to many world-class schools without a crippling asking price.

Eager to unlock a study journey in Spain without breaking the bank? Here are the most affordable universities in Spain for international students:

Universidad Complutense Madrid (Complutense University of Madrid)

Founded in 1293, Universidad Complutense Madrid built an enduring history of education. Today, it’s among the best universities in Spain and within the top 100 across the globe.

Undergraduate programs in this university start at $1,535 per year. You can choose among its wide selection of courses from business to arts.

If you plan to pursue graduate studies here, prepare $1,740 every year. It’s a small amount compared to the high-quality education you get.

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Universitat Aut√≤noma de Barcelona is a public university with a prestigious reputation. It’s among the top 250 universities around the world, as per the 2021 QS Rankings.¬†

Those who want to complete an undergraduate program here must spend at least $1,835 per year. If you want to continue to graduate studies, the annual tuition kicks in at $2,067.

The university offers study programs in science, law, and business administration. They also offer graduate and undergraduate programs in English.

Universidad de Granada (University of Granada)

As one of the oldest universities in Spain, Universidad de Granada has a long history of social recognition. It’s also a global powerhouse, landing among the top 3% of universities in the world.

For only $907 per year, you can finish an undergraduate program at this university. Even its graduate programs are affordable at only $982 per year.

With tuition fees of less than $1,000, this is the most affordable university in Spain. You can choose among many of its top-rated courses, from fine arts to technology.

Universidad de Alicante (University of Alicante)

Established in 1979, Universidad de Alicante is now one of the best universities in Spain. Intending to tap into the international market, it offers many courses in English.

Undergraduate programs here start at $994. For graduate studies, tuition fees are slightly more expensive, at $1,073 per year.

The university offers many programs across its over 70 departments. You can take study programs such as Experimental Science, Liberal Arts, and Law. The university is bilingual, so you can also find courses in English.

The most affordable universities in Spain can offer high-quality education to international students without financial pressure. Check out our list of the best universities in Spain here at MSM Unify next to expand your options!


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