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Moscow’s Transportation System: A Guide

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Moscow’s transportation system has dramatically changed in the last decade. In fact, it has now become faster and more comfortable. Also, public transportation is now more accessible to everyone and includes a comprehensive system. 

Now, if you are an international student or a short-term visitor in Russia, you should know how to go around the city. 

Read below to know more about Moscow and how to go around the city using various modes of transportation. 

Go Around through the Moscow Metro 

The most popular, and probably the best way, to go around the city is through the metro. It is faster and more efficient than trolleybuses and trams.

The Moscow Metro is one of the largest metro systems in the world. It was reported that around 8.5 million passengers ride the metro daily. 

Not only is the system extensive and well-organized, but the ride also extends through downtown. However, remember to acquire a dual language map for the metro through the Moscow Metro’s website as there are no English signs for the metro system.

To use the Moscow Metro, you can buy a travel card, which costs: 

  • RUB 60 for 1 journey
  • RUB 120 for 2 journeys
  • RUB 240 for 1 day use 
  • RUB 455 for 3 days use 

For students taking full-time courses at Russian universities, they can purchase tickets at a discount. 

Moscow’s Ground Public Transportation 

The metro is probably the most efficient way to get around the city. However, if you really want to see the city, then you can ride its many ground transportations, which include buses, trams, shuttle vans, and trolleys. You can purchase tickets from the drivers themselves or in ticket offices near the stations. 

Bus stations are identified with the letter “A” on their signages, trolley stops with the letter “T”, and trams with the letter “Tp”.

Ride the Train to Visit Moscow’s Suburbs, International Trips

Trains are probably the easiest way to travel to far places, including international trips, or through Moscow’s suburbs. Moreover, trains give you the option to travel to far places at a much cheaper price.

Students can get discounts (up to 50%) when purchasing a ticket or travel card when they present their student card. 

Taxi and Other Ride Sharing Systems

If you want to go to your destination faster and can afford it—taxis are typically more expensive than public transport—then you can ride a taxi or book a ride through some ride-sharing systems available in Russia such as Uber, Gett Taxi, and Yandex Taxi. 

Just remember to bring your own map and make sure you know basic Russian phrases to be able to communicate with the driver. 


If you love cycling and want to include exercise while touring the city, you can ride bicycles. 

Cycling in recent years in Moscow has become more accessible due to the city’s bicycle infrastructure. Around the city, you can see bicycle racks and lanes, and a bike-share system. 

Just like its other infrastructure, Moscow’s transportation system is continuously developing making it more accessible and comfortable to its citizens.

Learn more about Russia. For students, check out MSM Unify’s article on Russian Culture and Customs: Guide for International Students to start. 


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