La Trobe Welcomes Thousands of New And Continuing Students

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Thousands of new and continuing students arrived at La Trobe University’s campuses last week, including hundreds of recently arrived international students preparing to begin their studies in Australia.

More than 1,000 international students have registered in a variety of courses, including business, nursing, allied health, dentistry, pharmacy, computer science, and engineering, well exceeding the university’s expectations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thousands of new, continuing, and international students arrived on the La Trobe University campus.
  • Hundreds of overseas students have recently arrived in Australia and are getting ready to start their studies.
  • Thousands more students from Australia and throughout the world will attend the university’s vibrant Melbourne and regional campuses to continue their studies.

Thousands more students from Australia and abroad will continue their studies at the university’s dynamic Melbourne and regional campuses.

The amount of international students enrolling in La Trobe programs this year, according to Professor Dewar, is very encouraging.

International students have taken advantage of the institution’s unique offerings, innovative work-integrated learning opportunities, high graduate employment outcomes, and conducive campuses to begin their professional journey.

The increased number of international students starting in Bendigo, which is much higher than pre-pandemic levels, is especially encouraging, as they benefit from the new library and teaching spaces on campus.

Students from all campuses participated in a mix of on-campus and online orientation activities, including workshops on study skills, work placement preparation, and entrepreneurship among others.

As schools reopen for semester one, the majority of learning, teaching, and support services that are typically provided on campus will be delivered face-to-face or in a hybrid format that includes both on-campus and online components.

La Trobe University stated that online learning will be provided in high-risk environments, such as lectures, and in situations where students who are unable to return to campus are needed.

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